What Is a Apk Mod?

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What is a mod Apk?

For some true gamers may be familiar with this term, the MoD stands for the word modification which means replacing or changing. Sometimes gamers feel bored or less satisfied with the games he’s playing.

MOD in Android Application
Most Android users must already know it, most free app lovers are using the APK mod to get those applications that are supposed to be paid for free. There is also an application mod that is used in games that can make unlimited, and many more kinds of mod applications depending on what application is in the mod by someone. How to use the app that is already in the MoD is quite easy, you just search in search engine what application you want that has been in the mod, and live download then installs, keep in mind to install the MoD app, the old application that is on your phone Must be removed first. Want to know more clearly what is mod games? Check out the tutorial below.

Steps to Mod Games and Android apps
There are several steps to moving apps and games on Android including:

1. decompile
The first step is to extract the APK master game file and its application. Download the Multi-tool APK and extract first.

Then run Setup. bat and choose option Number 3 and then press ENTER. It will automatically create a folder inside the Multi-tool apk folder in the extract earlier. Copy the Master file apk that will be in the MoD in the “Place-apk-here-for-moving” folder e.g. Getrich. apk or Clash of Clans. APK for moving game line Let’s get rich or modding games Clash of Clans.
The next step runs the script. bat by double-clicking on the file and selecting “Set Current project” 24 and press ENTER. Will appear the name of the active APK project in the “current app” and choose No “9” to decompile and wait for the process (Diminimize Aja)
Next copy the libgame.so file from within the multi toolprojectgetrichlibarmeabilibgame.so copy file folder to a different place. Suppose in My Document
2. disassembly

The next step is to Disassembly here we will change the function of the Lib game code. We must know the function of each code. Search on Google Yes because if reviewed all one post will not be enough.

This tutorial is a basic tutorial and I’m sure you guys can develop it.

Open the downloaded pro idea and copy the Lib game file from the decompile process in the previous step in the IDA window.
Choose OK or Yes if there is a “change processor type” message and wait a while to finish loading libgames.
The next step is to look for the function of the code as described above, look for the function of the code or guess the code function is about meaning effect what will happen in the game. Select the Export tab to sort the function name by clicking the name/name.
Find the function code that will be changed and change the contents of the code then save/save lib game.so Nya.
3. Patching

Next, we’ll do the patching:

Open the HEX Editor software up to any use.
Then copy or drag the lib game.so file in the assembly that was in my document earlier in the Hex editor window and find the appropriate code or relevant to the code that we changed in the process disassembly earlier. Change the code as we want.
Save our project in the Hex editor.
Try libgames.so File located in the APK-Multi-tool folder with the libgames.so file we edited in My document earlier.
4. Recompile

Here we will restore the file we edited earlier to be the new master Games apk and finish our Android Games mods.

Reopen the script that we minimize to decompile in the first step. And if inadvertently exit can go straight to step 4 in the Decompile step.
Then select “Compile Nonsystem APK” (12) or 15 (Compile APK/Sign APK/install APK) if ADB driver is installed and Android phone is plugged into the computer.
After recompile finished when selecting the 12 Select again 2 “Create unsigned apk”.
That’s tutorial and tool modding games and Android applications hopefully with this article can add insight about technology for you guys. And look for science to develop this tutorial. Don’t forget to share this article for your friends to know. So little explanation can admin share, hopefully, useful for all of us and thank you for visiting this blog and have read about what is mod apk?