The Best Chicken Recipes

The  chicken recipes  are highly appreciated worldwide. White meats such as chicken are usually considered healthier than red meats.

The chicken-based dishes consist of one of the most consumed in Brazil.

This happens because of its ease of preparation, being also found at more affordable prices in any part of Brazil and mainly, because it allows a wide variety of recipes. The most common chicken dishes are:

Roast Chicken

Traditional among chicken recipes. It is a very popular dish in everyday meals and is perfect to be served with mashed potatoes (such as potatoes), with salads, French fries and Brazilian beans.

Chicken salad

This recipe is very light and considered elegant and sophisticated is perfect to be served as an accompaniment to events or special meals.

Chicken Pie

It serves as an excellent snack for the afternoons and evenings. Its advantage is its easy preparation.

Chicken pie

An excellent snack option. In addition to being a different choice, it also contains ingredients that are easy to find and has quick preparation.

Chicken strogonoff

It is one of the favorite dishes of Brazilians and takes sour cream, they become better when straw potatoes are added.

Chicken soup

It is a nutritious and healthy soup recipe, ideal for the coldest days of winter.

Chicken drumstick

Featured among the savory, the chicken drumstick is perfect to be served at birthday parties.

Chess Chicken

It is a wonderful dish of oriental origin, from China, it is the culinary indicated for some special lunch or dinner.

Chicken breast

Served together with rice, salads and purees it is a very healthy and tasty dish.

To prepare these delicious chicken recipes, it must be well cooked: after cleaning and slicing or shredding, it is recommended to season it according to the preferred ingredients (such as garlic, lemon, vinegar etc.) and place it in the hot water until the meat is cooked and very tender.