Take a peek at the meaning behind Jennie Blackpink’s ‘Solo’ song

All K-Pop lovers, especially Blackpink, must have known that yesterday, November 12, 2018, Jennie Kim released a solo debut titled (none other than ‘no’) ‘Solo.’ Many people speculate that Jennie’s solo debut signifies the rest of the girl group Blackpink, or even gossip that they are in the process of disbanding.

If you listen at a glance, the song with the Pop genre released by Jennie seems to signal that he is in the process of removing the bond from someone. Intrigued by its meaning, Popbela tried to translate the meaning behind Jennie’s sung ‘Solo’.

Innocent and delicate

Plain and soft

I’m tired of pretending

I’m tired of pretending

I’m done

Already completed

What are you up to? Where are you? Did you eat? Goodnight

What are you doing? Where are you? Have eaten? Good night

Baby, Darling, Honey, I miss you

Honey, I miss you

It’s all useless

But it’s all in vain

You got me like …

You make me be …

This is not a touching Love story

This is not a touching love story

No romance no sincerity

There is no romance, no sincerity

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry

I’m sorry, but I don’t regret it

From today on …

Starting today…

I’m a shining solo

I shine myself

I’m a shining solo

I shine myself

I’m going solo, you’re lo

I go alone

I’m going solo, lo lo lo …

I go alone


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