It’s hard to get a good man? This is the reason

What is in your mind when you describe a good man? Most women who seek true love know exactly what they want, even to their specific list.
Unfortunately, knowing what you want and getting a good man are two different factors. If until now you haven’t got a good man, don’t worry, you are not alone, sort of quoted from, Monday (11/06/2018).

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One of the most stubborn obstacles for women to get a good man is a high standard that is changing and unrealistic mainstay. Of course, men are good with all the values ??they have to pursue.
However, this value should not only be sought by a man, but also inside you. To find good and good men, watch how you think and hope for yourself.

With all the lists you have, it is more likely to prevent people from coming. It’s not like if you have an open mind, love will enter life, because you dare to get all the differences. What do you think?