4 Examples of Import to Indonesia from Other Countries

The growth of economical part makes Indonesia to be a category of developing country. Though it has rich nature resource, the ability of this country to manage and process it is still minim. It is explored by the other countries to take over resources and make Indonesia finally to import. There are some examples of import to Indonesia. Import is a good delivery from overseas to be a trading activity. It is used to fulfill the needs of traders.

Food Commodity

Food commodity includes rice, soy bean, salt, sugar, flour, butter, vegetable oil, garlic, and chilli. This claim is kicking the fact that Indonesia is agricultural country with rich farming products. In 2013, Indonesia import soy bean for 1,19 million of tons from United States, Malaysia, Paraguay, and Argentina. On Januari to June 2017, there are clear data statistics of import to Indonesia. Rice is about 130,9 thousands of tons from rice – producer countries. Sugar is about 53,9 thousand of tons. The drastic reduce was on June in which Indonesia only imported 3,7 thousand of tons. Flour is about 23,2 thousands of tons and many other food commodities.

Beef and Dairy Products

One of the reasons why government importing meat is due to the price of expensive local beef. This is caused by long marketing process causing the extra cost for production and transportation before being purchased by consumers. The step of buying beef to Australia is the right solution to reduce the price of beef. In period of June 2017, Indonesia imported beef about 11,6 thousands of tons. The next plan is importing beef about 318 thousands. The cows are from Mexico and Australia. One of the imported products in Indonesia is about milk. Indonesia has planned to add import sources.


The price of fuel is fluctuative and not stable. It makes Indonesia still import products of fuel due to the increase of local needs. The imbalance of fuel production and needs make this country import fuel about 339 billion rupiahs per year and becomes the top level commodity imported by this country. The needs of fuel is from Saudi Arabia, Africa, Thailand, and Malaysia. Though Indonesia is a fuel country producer, it doesn’t mean that it is able to fulfill local needs. It is proven that it requires the import of fuel from the others.


The type of electronics are mostly imported from the other countries. There are many series launched and issued every month. With the development of technology and innovation, of course it eases the consumers in this globalization era. The competitive producers are creating the number one products. Those import to Indonesia with the lowest and competitive prices to this country. The electronic devices of Indonesia are related to the high needs of local people. The value of imported devices are high in which phone or android and laptop become the huge number of import value. The import total is about 52 billion rupiahs per 2011. The value gets increasing per year. Those are some examples of commodities imported to Indonesia.

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