Tips to Hire a Small Boat in Lovina Beach

Lovina has a beautiful beach with very interesting views. Besides that Bali has Nusa Penida which is no less attractive than Lovina Beach, if you want to visit Nusa Penida you can look for the nusa penida package that suits your needs. There are many local provide penida one day trip with good quality and affordable prices. Most tourists come to Lovina beach to see beautiful dolphin dancing in the high seas. Many locals provide services to watch dolphin swim and dance freely in the high seas, for that you need to rent a small boat. Do you want to watch dolphin as well? If so, you have to know how to rent a small boat from locals and you can watch dolphin calmly and safely. There are some tips that you can try in order to rent a good small boat from locals and can bring you to see dolphins dancing in the high seas safely. Here are some tips:

We will give 3 tips to be able to rent a boat from a local. First is that you can go directly to Lovina beach and ask local people to rent their boats and take you to see dolphins dancing on the high seas. Because it is already famous for dolphin shows, it is not difficult to get boat rental services from local people around the coast. We do not recommend that you use this method without good planning. You certainly need to have a plan B if you want to do this method just in case there are no more boats available for you. But this method is fairly simple because you can just come to the beach of Lovina and meet local people, then ask and negotiate so that you can be taken to the place you can watch dolphins on the high seas. Using this method makes it possible for you to get a more expensive price when renting a boat.

The second way is to hire a private tour guide. If you have a private tour guide, you can ask them to enter a dolphin show on Lovina Beach into your itinerary. This makes it much easier for you because your tour guide has arranged all your needs. From the time of departure to the boat you will use to watch dolphins.

The third way is to make an online reservation. Currently, this service provider company is very easy to access, you only need to visit their website and place an order. Then they will give details of the time and place you should go if you want to watch dolphins on the high seas. Those are some tips that you can do if you want to rent a boat to watch dolphins on the beach of Lovina.