Bali Vacation And How To Save Your Money During Your Visit

Bali vacation is one of the most popular choices in Indonesia. It is an amazing island with beautiful countryside and Instagrammable beach. The island is ret for hiking, enjoy world-class dining, and best of all, the tour is not quite expensive. If you want to visit Bali and you want to save your money so you can make your interesting tour at the least inexpensive option, here are some best ways to do.

1. Accommodation

You can rent for cheap guesthouses or hostels. The cost can be from 120,000t o 200,000 IDR per night. You can try to book your hostel with Hostelworld.

2. Food For Bali Vacation

It is better to try the local food because they are extremely cheap. You can enjoy the street food that is less than 10,000 IDR. There is also the local meal with the cost about 15,000 IDR. If you go with the western food, the cost can be more expensive. It is better to stick to the local food items because it is getting expensive if you go with imported products like cheese, wine, chicken, and beef.

3. Transportation

It is quite cheap when it comes to transportation in Bali. Here, you can try for Taxis for about 65,000 IDR. Otherwise, you can try for private mini vans to go across the island by paying about 200,000 IDR. Other than that, you can go with scooter rentals or bicycles.

4. Activities

When you are visiting this island with the plan to do your Bali full day tour, you may go for surfing, higking or visiting a dancing show. Of course, these activities make you need to spend from 135,000 to 350,000 IDR. It is getting expensive if you try other activities like hiking the popular mountain like Batur, diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, and diving.

So, if you want to save your money, make sure you eat the local food and be smart for bargaining. Explore more to the north and save money on rideshares like Uber.