8 Beaches With Clear Water in Aceh

1. Layup Beach Teupin

Bali Driver – Many tourists are interested in visiting tourism objects in Aceh in the form of this beach. Usually people call Teupin Layeu on Iboih Beach. Located in the western part of Indonesia, on the western edge of Pulau Weh, Banda Aceh.

The water is very clear. You can enjoy the beauty and wealth under the sea without diving. By looking at the beach, even though it is still in the harbor, the clarity of the water is visible, and the beauty of the underwater Iboih Beach will immediately spoil your eyes.

2. Rubiah Island

Being one of the best dive sites in the world, Rubiah Island presents the grandeur and wealth of marine life. This is one of the beautiful islands that is still beautiful and easily accessible and not far from the location of Iboih Beach / Teupin Layeu because it is about 350 meters away.

Lots of snorkeling or diving in the sea. This is because the marine life is very large and beautiful. The water is still clear and maintains its turbulence. Even if you don’t want to snorkel directly, you can see the wealth of water by seeing it on the beach.

3. Pasir Putih Beach Lhok Me

Located in Lamreh Village, Lhok Mee Village, which is located about 30 kilometers from Banda Aceh City by taking the Krueng Raya route. The location is relatively easy to access using two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. The beach is a tourist destination for local and foreign tourists.

With white sand and clear water that looks blue from a distance, this beach is one of the world’s paradise in Aceh, which is very unfortunate if you miss it. White sand is still clean, the water is very clear and cool. The green landscape of your tree will still be felt with stunning sensations.

4. Lhok Bubon Beach

Located in Kampung Bubon, from the center of the city of Meulaboh, only about 8 km. The water is still clear, the view of the beach is very beautiful. Soft white deer can be your friend walking or jogging on the beach. Not only the clarity and beauty of the beach, here you will also be served with fresh and fresh seafood dishes.

5. Anoi Itam Beach

This beach is a unique tourist spot in Aceh. Usually, you will find white sand beaches along the seafront. However, as the name suggests, at Anoi Itam Beach, the sand is black. You don’t need to worry, because black isn’t because it’s dirty or polluted. This is because the beach is in the mangrove forest.

Although the sea water on the beach is still very clear. You will see blue or green water colors from far away. Up close, you will see a view on the sea. On one side of the beach, there is a beautiful stone. There is also a Japanese heritage bunker.

6. Lange Beach

Enjoy the beauty of a charming beach with clean sea water, cool air, and a calm atmosphere is the most preferred vacation choice for most people. Lange Beach, ideal to be your place and relaxing partner you will be spoiled with amazing panoramas.

Not only is the beach panorama beautiful, you will also see another uniqueness on this beach. The location coincides with the cliff, making you feel a different sensation. You will also witness the breakwater from behind the cliff naturally. The charm of this beach is still untouched, making tourists want to see it.

7. Pantai Sumur Tiga

From his own name, you would want to know why this beach is called Sumur Tiga. That said, according to circulation history there are three freshwater wells. Although the distance is only about 15 meters from the sea, it’s unique, it also contains naturally formed fresh water.

Besides the uniqueness of three freshwater wells, this beach is also known as the longest beach on Pulau Weh. The sand is white, clean and quite soft. Keasrian is still very awake. Even the sea water is clear and clear. Pantai Sumur Tiga is a tourist destination.

8. Lanaga Beach

Be one of the beach icons in the list of tourists who travel because of the beauty that really spoils the eyes. Located in Peunaga Village, West Aceh Regency. Accessible access, from the city of Meulaboh, only takes 5 kilometers with two or four-wheeled vehicles.

In addition to beautiful beaches and still beautiful and clean sea water, you will also be treated as a unique event on Lanaga Beach. This unique event is just a Sky Jet event or a boat race event that has been designed in such a way at certain times.