How to recover photos from a stolen phone

Theft of cell phones is, unfortunately, very common in World – in the state of USA, for example, 13 cell phones are stolen per hour , according to data from the Public Security Secretariat released by Folha de São Paulo. If you have been a victim of this practice, we sympathize and are here to help you at least recover your lost photos. In this post from this web, we explain how to recover photos from a stolen phone.

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How to recover photos from stolen phone

Photos are the image records of the moments we live, so it is natural that we want to preserve them. But how to recover photos from a stolen phone? There are several means that make access to these photographs possible, most of them involving some cloud or backup systems, such as Google Photos.

Understand, below, how to recover photos from the stolen phone in different ways:

How to recover photos from Google’s stolen phone

If your stolen phone was an Android system, it is quite possible that the photos you took were automatically saved in Google Photos, a backup tool – that is, that keeps the photos safe in the cloud. Here’s how to access Google Photos:

  1. Go to the Google Photos website;
  2. Click on “Access Google Photos”;
  3. Enter your Gmail email address and password (this is one of the ways to recover photos from a phone stolen by Gmail );
  4. Ready! If your phone is set up for backup, you may find all the photos you took until your device was stolen there.

Tip: always check if your phone is backing up to Google Photos, this way you guarantee that they will be safe and that you will not lose them in case of loss, damage or theft. If possible, save the most important ones (like those from a trip, for example) in more than one place!

How to recover photos from phone stolen by Gmail

If you have a Gmail email, you may have uploaded some photos to Google Drive, the Google accounts storage system. To access Google Drive and see if there are any photos of your stolen phone there, check out the instructions below:

  1. Having already signed in to Gmail, visit the portal ;
  2. You will have access to the “My Drive” panel;
  3. There, look for pictures from your old cell phone. Backup to Google Drive is usually not automatic, but you can try it! You can find photos that you have saved.

How to recover photos from stolen iPhone

The iPhone has its own backup system, which is iCloud, specially developed for users of devices with the iOS system. It is iCloud that you must access to access your photos. Check out:

  • Access the iCloud website and login with your Apple ID;
  • Choose the item “Photos”;
  • Ready! You were able to recover the photos from your stolen phone.


Attention: the tips above apply to photos of lost cell phones and also how to recover photos from another broken cell phone.

Is it possible to recover photos by the chip?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve photos from your phone via the chip – at most, you can recover contacts. This is because this type of information (photos) is retained in the phone’s memory and / or in the backup cloud, never on the phone’s chip.

They stole my cell phone, what to do?

If you have had your cell phone stolen, it is necessary to follow a certain protocol to prevent third parties from having access to your personal data. After all, today we even have bank details on our smartphones. By blocking your cell phone by IMEI, you make it useless to anyone who stole it. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Write down your IMEI in a safe place. In general, you can find it on the device’s invoice, in the box, above the battery or by dialing * # 06 #. The IMEI is a 15-digit number;
  • Look for a police station and make a police report, either for theft (when there is violence) or theft (without violence). The police report is essential for both the procedures within the operator and the registration of this type of crime;
  • Please contact your phone carrier cell and enter the IMEI code as well as data relating to the police report (saw only? Is why you need to do it). This will render your device unusable, causing frustration in those who took it away from you.

Check the number of the main operators:

  • Sure : 1052
  • Hi : 1057 or * 144
  • TIM : 1056 or * 144
  • Live : 1058 or * 8486

Remember that you can also look for a physical store from your operator to solve this problem!

Attention: avoid using your cell phone on the street, on public transport and in other environments that you deem unsafe. Always keep an eye on him, preferably keeping him in the bag.

Online police report

Currently, several states now offer the option to file a police report online and receive it by email. This way, you avoid traveling to a police station and manage to do everything in an easier, faster and more practical way.