On WhatsApp Can Make Colorful Status, This Is the Way

Facebook is not the only area where you can make a colorful status. Although this is a messenger service, WhatsApp is now also equipped with a Status feature, which allows you to take photos that will disappear after 24 hours.

Until the end of August, not only took photos, you can also make color status on WhatsApp. How do you do it

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First, make sure the WhatsApp software you are using is the latest version. After that, open the WhatsApp software. Enter the “Status” tab by typing it. In this tab you will find your friend status has been created.

To create a color status, you can tap the pencil icon at the bottom right, above the green camera symbol. Then, you can type the status you want to make. Not like Facebook, which allows you to choose various images, on WhatsApp, you can only change the font and background color status.

For fonts, there are 5 different font types. Same sort of ordinary WhatsApp status, this status will appear on the status tab and will disappear after 24 hours. At the stage below the status that you made, you will watch the eye icon that gives you how many times your status is seen.