This is How to Screenshot on Samsung Cellphones Easily

The screenshot is an activity to take pictures on the cellphone screen that you are currently using. However, there are some cellphones that have their own way to do screenshots so that it makes users confused.

For those of you who use Samsung phones that want to do screenshots but are still confused about how. Here’s a very easy way for those of you who want to do a screenshot on your cellphone that we summarized from wikiahow.

Samsung screenshot by swiping the screen

This method can be done by wiping your hands from left to right-hand phone screen. After doing this, wait until the camera shutter sound is heard as a sign that the screenshot you did was successful.

However, what you should pay attention to is that you must first activate this feature. Usually, by default, this feature is automatically activated. If you have trouble activating the feature, you can check in the following way.

  1. Go to the settings menu> Advanced features or to do the old features by setting> Motions and gestures.
  2. Click the Palm swipe feature until a checkmark appears.
  3. After all, is done, close the menu and try whether you can do a screenshot by swiping the phone screen.

It turns out that this method can only be done by mobile phones released in 2014 and above, such as the Galaxy S4 and above and other Samsung mobile phones.

How to screenshot Samsung with a button

This one method might have become a common thing to do when you want to do a screenshot of the phone screen. Before making a screenshot, make sure your cellphone has a home button or not. If your Samsung phone has a home button, you can do a screenshot in the following way.

  1. Press the phone and home power buttons together.
  2. Hold for a moment until the screenshot process is successful.
  3. If the screenshot process is successful, release the two buttons.

This method can be done for the old Samsung mobile version, for the current Samsung mobile version, on average, there is no home button. But still, you can still do a screenshot on your cellphone in another way, of course.

The method is very easy, almost the same as before. Only by replacing the home button with the volume button on your cellphone can do the desired screen screenshot.

This method is usually used on the latest phone versions of Samsung such as the Galaxy S9 and other versions.

So, that’s the way for those of you who want to do screenshots of your cellphone screen using the Samsung cellphone you have, be it an old version or the latest version.