Nick 13, ‘Carry My Body Down’ – Free MP3 Download

Scratch 13 brings another time of hillbilly honky-tonk by mixing rockabilly and shake ‘n’ move into his performance endeavors, similar to his melody ‘Convey My Body Down,’ which is accessible for a free download beneath.

The artist, who bacome famous as an establishing individual from Tiger Army, appeared his performance venture at the 2010 Stagecoach blue grass music celebration, just before Ray Price and Merle Haggard hit the stage. Presently, the Sugar Hill Records craftsman is prepared to demonstrate the world that he has the discussion to coordinate the walk.

“This track has a solid Western music impact. I contemplated the desert when I was composing it. I don’t know very where the verses originate from – once in a while they simply pour onto the page from my subliminal, and this tune is a case of that,” he says of ‘Convey My Body Down,’ refering to Marty Robbins and the first Burl Ives’ ‘Phantom Riders In the Sky’ as melodic impacts.

“I consider how far I’ve come and what’s been abandoned,” he sings before driving into the melody. “At the point when will they convey my body down? At the point when will they convey my body down? /Will they take it from the waterway after I’ve bounced right in and suffocated? /Will they discover it on the war zone, on the spot I held fast?”

“This tune is a reflection on mortality. None of us know to what extent we have or when we’ll go,” he says. “Since we can’t answer these specific inquiries, we need to ask others: Are we benefitting as much as possible from the time we have? Toward the finish of the trail, would we be able to think back and say we did our best with what we were given? At last, I think these are the things that issue most.”

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