Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

Hey guys what’s up its miles here and I’ll come back another video it seems like these days, everyone and their grandma has been trying to stream on twitch tv after seeing the success of ninja myth in a bunch of other people so i thought I’d make an updated 2018 guide if those who guys who are interested in streaming before i do is started it would be awesome if you guys could drop a like on the video if it does end up helping you out and really appreciate it but learn that let’s get on with the video so of course, the first two main requirements you’ll need to meet to live stream properly is one having a good computer and two having a solid internet connection i do want to clarify that having a good laptop will get the job done.

The same but i highly recommend having a desktop over a laptop i personally have a pretty solid computer and I’ll have my specs on the screen right now just so you guys to take a look one thing i do want to mention to those of us who are new to streaming is that a MacBook does not i repeat it does not qualify as a good streaming laptop let alone a gaming laptop i do wish it was other way around because i do love my MacBook but they just really aren’t meant for heavy usage like that so just definitely end up getting like a windows pc or something like that honestly as long as you built or bought your gaming pc or video editing pc or whatever it is within the past few years it more than likely qualifies to be a good streaming tv2 Malaysia or gaming pc moving up from that the second thing you’ll need just like i mentioned before is that you’re gonna want to have a good internet connection and more specifically your upload speed.

So if you’re not too sure what your upload speed is already just head over to speedtest.net I’m gonna have a link on the screen and in the description below and once you’re there just go ahead and hit the button that says go it’s kind of hard to miss but anyways once you do that the website is gonna run a test and scan just gonna return your ping your download speed and your upload speed so keep in mind if you want to have the most accurate results you should be doing this on a wired connection using an ethernet cable i feel like it’s common sense but i’m gonna mention it anyways if you want to stream in general unless your speeds show up in like the hundreds for both your download and upload speed with a really low ping i wouldn’t recommend you stay on a wireless connection and just switch to wired full-time also if you do want to be a live stream er it would be near impossible to actually stream content without experiencing a ton of drops in overall lag if you have an upload speed of 2 or below in my personal opinion anything from 4 to 5 or above for your upload speed usually results in a pretty consistent and stable streaming experience so from this page just try to keep your upload speed in your head as well be referring to it later on in the video so as you can see mine arms up to basically 5.8 anyways moving on from that since this is an obeah streaming guide for twitch you should already have obs installed on your computer but if for some reason you don’t and you’re still watching the video I’m gonna have a download link in the description below which should you take you to a page similar to this one right here tontontv.net.