How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

Recently in the free-software series I showed you OBS studio which is a free and open source screen recorder for Windows Mac and Linux in the comments of that video many of you asked for me to do a tutorial in this beginners guide I will show you how to setup and use OBS studio coming up next on tech gumbo to get OBS studio onto your computer go to the website which is OBS project comm there’ll be a link in the description of this video you’ll see on this page that you have options for Windows 7 plus Mac OS 10 point 10 plus and Linux

The Windows and Mac downloads are standard installer packages if you select the Linux link it will open up a new page with the install directions once you have OBS installed open up the program since this is a beginner’s guide i’ll go at a slower pace and keep this simple to get you started with using OBS studio this is now my preferred screen capture program so i’ll also go over the settings that I use to record my screen now that you have OBS opened if this is your first time using this software the screen capture area within this window should be black first you will need to set up a source so go down to

The sources box select the plus sign you will have several choices i’ll go over the two that are used most often if you plan to record your screen with the file save your computer so you can edit them later on select display capture I already have a display capture setup so this one is automatically named display capture 2 you can rename it if you want make sure that makes source visible is checked then select ok click on the display button to select the monitor you would like to record if you have a single monitor you should only have one option here if you’ve run a multiple monitor setup select your monitor if you want your mouse cursor to be captured when OBS records make sure that capture cursor is checked when done select okay let’s go back to