How to attract customers on social networks

You must have already done the test: put a link on social networks pointing to your site and received two or three visits, or had the link liked by one or the other friend. It’s sad! This is because people are increasingly suspicious. Nobody clicks on everything that is a link, and even your best friends don’t want to know if you have a cool site or not. But if one of them spontaneously praises your site, then it rains visits.

The social media have a very high potential for sales and image building, but must be used with caution. The user notices when the comment is a marketing strategy and drops out. So, how to succeed with social media? Strategy, my friend. And a lot of sales psychology. There are areas of study focused on people’s behavior, which help professionals to understand what attracts and what separates people. This behavior varies greatly from time to time, and what worked in the past may not work today.

A social media marketing consultant can point out or develop the right strategies to succeed with this type of ad. In addition, you can target your ads to reach the expected audience, as long as the right strategy is used. After all, you don’t click on the banners that are on your social network page. But, what about your little brother? And his mother? And your grandfather? Right strategies can induce even the most skeptical user to take a look.

However, if the advertising appeal appears in the form of an innocent comment by an interesting person, disguised as social comment, it may be that even the toughest user will be convinced. Comments on the benefit of a product, made in the conversation between two people you know, apparently not addressed to you …

Therefore, before venturing through social networks, seek the support of those who know the subject and study people’s behavior.