Terate Decor Review

Terate Decor is a website that discusses about home design and organization. It aims to provide contents related to every essential room in the house, such as bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Moreover, the things that are being discussed in the website include interior design and furniture placement as well as the room’s layout. It gives a comprehensive guide for readers to organize their house in a better manner, so it will be a nice and comfortable area to live within.


The user interface of this website is quite easy to understand. On the top page, you can immediately check on the website’s cookie policy, privacy policy, and disclaimer. Currently, there are five menus available. First, you can go to the homepage which lists the entire contents of this website. The site owner provides the “Contact Us” menu that enables visitors to correspondent with them. In addition, you can send questions by including the name and email address to receive the prompt response.

The next menu compiles contents that are related to tips and tricks in the bedroom organization. For the fourth menu, it is “About Us” which shows the site owner’s introduction to new visitors. After that, there is a “Bedroom” menu which displays any post that is related to the bedroom. It includes bedroom organization, furniture choices, and layout ideas. However, although the website lists other house’s parts in its introduction, you cannot find other menus yet. Hopefully, they will be added later in the future.

There are two main features that really help you to get through this website. You can find a “Search” menu. By typing in certain keywords onto the available space, you can access contents that you need without having to scroll through the website’s massive contents. Under each post, you can also find the comment section. This allows interactivity between the visitor, the website’s administrator, and other visitors.