Chalk Paint Ideas


You know why, yet I need to make sure you do. I’m not by any means into anything “since.” I’m kind of a deliberate, win or bust kind a lady.

I needed to separate the costs a bit… chalk paint versus latex costs, furthermore, I needed to converse with you in more profundity concerning why I am deciding to (generally) utilize it.

We should talk moo-la.

Affirm, we will separate the cost of chalk paint versus latex in dollar sum first. This will be an irregular, clarification behind-my-cerebrum sort of post (hello– I’m an inventive), not just one clean rundown.

For this current, how about we consider we’re painting one medium estimated dresser/chest… one sort of like my entrance dresser. For both supply records, I’m working with sanding squares and no electric sander (I understand some of you have these, however we’re trusting that in case we’re re-painting a piece there’s no explanation behind genuine electric sanding… assuming this is the case, we should strip that sucker and be finished with it.) 🙂

Supply List for Latex Paint Projects:

• 2 Sanding Blocks (one fine and one medium) $3.97 each, Gallon of Latex Paint $27.97-32.98 for each gallon, 2 jars Spray Kilz (this wipes out the progression for major sanding and brushing on groundwork) $5.48 each (in the event that you just never buy this, a gallon of Kilz Latex preliminary is $16.77).

• Deglosser (if there is a gleaming topcoat or if legs and bends require roughing) $5.48, Top Coat (both Minwax Paste Finishing Wax and Wipe On Poly are near $10 each), fabrics (once more, some of you may have some old ones… however we’re moving toward this as though we don’t have anything in our carport) $2.09, one Purdy (since that is the thing that I utilize) XL Cub $12.27.

Terrific Total: $73.26-78.74 (barring charge)

I understand that you will utilize any remaining preliminary or paint on your next undertaking, yet here’s the thing I know… .a considerable measure of times particular hues will sit in the carport for some time… I know I paint constantly, and our own truly forms some changeless hang out spots while sitting tight for us to go after it once more. With white and neutrals, this is somewhat unique… we tend to utilize and reuse those lighter hues rapidly.

Supply List for Chalk Paint Projects:

• 1 quart chalk paint $34.95, Purdy XL Cub $12.27, 1 Sanding Block $3.97.

• clothes $2.09, Wax $4.99-24.95, Stupendous Total: $78.23 (barring charge/shipping– includes Annie Sloan Soft Wax at $24.95)

bCrazy, isn’t that so?

Presently, I know, I know. I’m not done. There’s a few issues we will work through. I’ve worked through them with my cheap spouse… and I get it.

We should discuss scope first. A gallon of paint covers around 400 square feet and a quart of chalk paint covers around 150 square feet. Whenever Matt and I initially discussed getting some chalk paint, we had a little converse with ourselves.

We chose that the greater part of our gallons of paint (purchased for furniture ventures) sat in the carport for some time. For quite a while. I didn’t generally require a brilliant turquoise or a dim white… .thus back to the store we’d go.

In this way, for us the square foot scope was no huge thing… we knew we’d utilize it on all that we’d need and it would sit in our carport like everything else. I will say only for those stressed in regards to the amount it covers: I don’t arrange everything the time. Truly. I find that I generally have more than I might suspect I will toward the finish of an undertaking. I completely trust this is on account of the paint isn’t blended with dark shade (less Graphite)– this implies a higher nature of paint and more extravagant color… .which implies it covers like there’s no tomorrow!

For us, the case was shut on that issue after we utilized our initial 1/4 of a can on an immense table (covering it twice).

How about we talk top coat… you certainly require one with chalk paint, and truly with latex in the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to keep the complete long.

In the event that you adore chalk paint, and truly need to spare some cash… at that point go for a less expensive wax. I will reveal to you that Annie’s wax was made to work with the chalk paint, and I find that I can make precisely the sort of complete I need with it. As should be obvious from the pic above, I don’t have Annie’s dull wax (I’m trusting I’ll get some soon), and I like this one from Fiddes and Sons… however I LOVE her unmistakable delicate wax.

I generally love a more matte to radiant complete, as opposed to gleaming… be that as it may, I needed a sparkling polish like complete on my barstools (pic above), and by buffing more, I accomplished more sheen. That is the excellence of furniture wax– you have more alternatives.

I’ll certainly still utilize a poly or a varathane, however I for the most part utilize those on feasting table tops (I utilized Varathane on our eating table).

When I set up that we were discussing a similar starting costs, the time had come to measure time versus (a few) cash. How about we discuss the time factor…

Y’all know the penetrate… no prep. Straight to the fun stuff. This isn’t to imply that you’ll never have a piece that needs some sanding… however the main reason I sand before utilizing chalk paint is to smooth an unpleasant edge on a corner, and so forth. We’re talking a moment of sanding versus (in some cases) a hour or more.

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The picture above is from my digital book… there are numerous tips and traps on making excellent completions with latex paint. Presently, don’t misunderstand me, I still solidly trust that those completions can be made with latex or oil-based paint. I know I’ll utilize it once more. I additionally realize that chalk paint is basically less demanding to apply for me and for the novice.

This was my first endeavor at chalk painting. I recently slapped that stuff on… truly testing the “no brush strokes” assert.

What’s more, there it is… our recently completed end table (that had layers and layers of furniture varnish on it… still delightful, coincidentally).

The lighter hues like old and unadulterated white have somewhat more surface to them… they’re somewhat thicker. Therefore, you may see more surface or “strokes.” But… for me, chalk paint makes a look (regardless of whether there’s more brush strokes in the whites) that feels common and imaginative. The more immersed hues have greater color and are somewhat more slender. On the off chance that Old or Pure White feels too thick, basically add a little water to it.

*By the way… my photographs of each chalk painted piece have just been modified for sharpness and shading exactness. What you see is whatcha get on the brush strokes (or deficiency in that department).

More reasons why we took the chalk paint risk:

• It dries SUPER fast– I cherish finishing a piece in from beginning to end in one evening with no stress that the paint will follow legitimately. Eco-friendly– in addition, it’s absolutely protected to use around our children. Cleans up with water, Cleans out of our brushes WAY less demanding, broadening their “life” a ton longer, Comes in flawless, unique hues (that blend to such a significant number of additional… and the color, thus quality, never weakens). Distresses beautifully– it was simply made to use on furniture, Adheres to any surface– see our chalk paint pumpkins beneath.

More than whatever else, you know from my digital book, Creating Your Masterpiece, I think painting furniture ought to be fun and an unwinding, imaginative process. For me, chalk paint bolsters that experience most… and it’s amazing for amateurs as well!

There you have it more or less, people. For what reason I’m in loooove with chalk paint.

I trust this eternity settles your psyche on the chalk paint debate– there’s not one. Let it all out and mess around with it!

Don’t hesitate to leave any inquiries in the remarks or abandon us a few connects to your ventures!