A Pregnancy Forum That Helps You All The Way Till Motherhood

Many new mothers find comfort on the Internet, where a multitude of forums allow them to learn about this new stage on their lives and share their experiences with other likeminded women on the same situation. In times where many women face motherhood without a support network of elder family members who could offer advice, a forum becomes a less formal way of getting information than going to the doctor for advice. There are many benefits of joining online mother and baby communities.


Many women and couples face the arrival of a new baby with a mix of anticipation and fear. You can find tips and tricks on helping your baby sleep, the usefulness of a new gadget or baby music CD and many other every day questions.

Up To Date Information

Online communities also offer lots of very up to date information on things such as offers on baby products on particular retailers, dangerous products on the market or even new books that have been released. Due to their informal nature, you can find information there that hasn’t yet reached the more official and formal baby sites, such as the health service ones. It’s important to mention that a whole load of bad advice and Internet fads also find their way into mother and baby communities.

Alerts and warnings

Many parenthood communities are also great when trying to spread a message, such as a recall for a particular baby product, or a problem with a particular brand or retailer, as people are quick to share notifications that they may have seen on a newspaper or on their local Supermarket. Staying up to date about subjects related to dangers to yours or your baby’s health is one of the benefits of joining a mother and baby community.


Family members can be great at imparting advice, but you know that sometimes it’s biased or clouded by their own experience. Outsiders can remain impartial – especially when giving emotional or relationship advice and this can be a source of great comfort.

It’s also fun chatting online in a Rumpibayi pregnancy forum – when possibly your workmates or other non-pregnant pals really don’t want to hear every minute detail of your nine glorious months as a mum-to-be!

Often, new mothers may feel that they are alone on this new adventure they are imparting on; particularly if they don’t personally know anyone else who is going through the same new mother experience. Logging on to mothering forums can actually link you up with other new mothers, allowing you to share your experiences. Thanks to the Internet, you may find yourself with a host of new friends who are also mothers and even new friends for your little bundle of joy.

Mums, dads and mums-to-be use a pregnancy forum to discuss sleeping and eating problems, resolve issues about maternity benefits and tax credits, gather opinions about staying at home after the birth or returning to work and lots more.

It’s good to talk. And when you are expecting a baby, chatting online on a pregnancy forum is a great way to share information, ask advice from women in the same position as you and maybe give some advice too!

The old adage of “mother knows best” is often true. It doesn’t have to be your mother.

Your grandmother and your mother may have great ideas for helping you soothe your baby to sleep, but they may not be current on the correct dosages for baby Tylenol, or they may not be aware of the things that the American Academy of Pediatrics are suggesting you shy away from. If you find yourself in a predicament where you need an answer to a question, or you just need some motherly advice from another new mother, the information found on the web can help you find the answers you seek – as well as a bit of sanity.

It’s a basic human instinct to want to share problems, help others and seek or give words of reassurance.

Some expectant mums worry that they are “pestering” their GP and have used up their quota of Q&A s. Of course this is never true and midwives and doctors know this is a time when women need to ask questions and they are happy to respond. Then again many of the questions that pregnant women have don’t need someone with a medical degree to answer them.

Many retailers and baby product manufacturers know that this kind of community is filled with exactly their target audience, and so it’s probably one of the best places to run exclusive campaigns, offers, or even request testers for new products or services, or reviewers for books or media that hasn’t yet hit the market. Being an active member of this kind of communities would give you access to many exclusive offers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Becoming a new mother is an experience like no other. Sure, your own mother, aunts and grandmother may offer their advice; but what do you do when you want to seek the advice of current mothers?

The internet not only brings you close to many mums and dads at a click of a mouse, it also connects you to people all over the world and it can be great fun sharing stories, plans, pictures and more with these new far-flung friends.

pregnant - discuss on pregnancy forum

Some women don’t have a mum to ask or even pals who have gone through a pregnancy and who would understand the 101 questions that pop into their head each day! On a pregnancy forum you can always find someone to listen and share your concerns … and the advice is useful and usually heartfelt.

And there’s always the added bonus that while chatting online you are relatively anonymous and nobody is judging your appearance so you can relax and just do what we all love to do … have a good natter!

Another benefit of surfing the web when you are a new mother: discounted baby gear. You can likely find all that you need at your local department or discount store, but the Internet actually offers a vast array of items that you never dreamed possible – and many times, as a lower rate than you would find at your local store. From baby clothing to diapers, to toys and even feeding supplies; the Internet can be a virtual coupon book full of discounted baby gear, helping you save money for your little one’s college fund.

Some expectant mums are wary about asking intimate questions to their GP and just want a little reassurance that certain things during pregnancy are “normal” or have at least been experienced by other mums!

An online pregnancy forum, especially those linked to the established pregnancy and baby websites, can help quench an expectant mum’s thirst for knowledge.