Classic Game Room HD ZUMA Deluxe review

Oh Zuma that’s a fun name I like to say that Zuma this is the Xbox 360 version this game is available on pretty much every gaming computer system out there so if you like what you see Zuma is easy to come by I find this game difficult to explain but you figure it out pretty quickly once you start playing it this is from PopCap and like many of their games involves colors and jewels and combinations of things that are the very basic explanation Zuma is a bit more frantic than most of their games I find Peggle to be very relaxing fun.

Zuma is the complete opposite this game is more of an intense puzzle game if you line up three balls in a row they go away and you earn points if the advancing stream of multicolored Falls or gems or whatever they are reaches you lose those are the two big things you need to know going into this game your frog randomly generates these multicolored balls that sounds weird but in the game it makes sense the jewel on the back of the Frog shows you the next color that’s appearing so ideally you’d like to play one shot ahead.

if you can I’m not that good I just started getting into this game and I like the gameplay it’s definitely addictive and a lot of fun much more challenging than Peggle at least for me as I mentioned before I have a strong Peggle addiction I’m still trying to kick right now I’m drinking coffee out of a Peggle coffee mug so this is not helping a little scorecard pops up and shows you how bad I did if you watch the gameplay closely you’ll notice that some of the balls have little power-ups in them you can cause explosions or you can make the row of balls go backward coins will appear that you can try to shoot and you know there’s just a whole lot of stuff going on in this game the bar at the top right of this screen is very important when you.

start playing a level you want to fill it up yellow all the way until it turns green you fill that thing up by scoring and when it does finally turn green the whole thing goes Zuma and these seemingly never-ending stream of balls will stop and then you just have to clear off the ones on screen as you might imagine the game starts out with very easy levels and then starts working you into much more challenging levels and this game tests your skill and aiming and concentration and some strategic planning it’s got a whole lot going on here

Zuma and this Xbox 360 version does have achievement points and looks excellent High Definition all right I make a couple major mistakes here and you can hear that heartbeat pounding in the background when the enemy starts approaching but watch how I pull this off and save the day didn’t Rex in effects write a song about this game anyone remember that chorus Zuma has an adventure mode and a gauntlet mode what we’re watching here is the adventure mode where you go through go through levels of increasing difficulty hey let’s watch as I lose a level here at the end of the review will watch the gauntlet mode which I really enjoyed I think that might be my favorite it’s the never-ending assault like Robotron except with balls well then you don’t shoot them or save the last human family you just try to survive.

this is a fun game if you’ve enjoyed any of PopCap’s other games like Peggle or bejeweled you should enjoy this one as well and like I said it’s available on everything from PlayStation three to the iPhone two this version here on the Xbox 360 but no Atari 2600 shame on you PopCap you can still release games on the Atari you know I mean I could see how you wouldn’t release this for the Magnavox Odyssey too because it doesn’t use the keyboard or anything but the Atari paddle controllers would be perfect for this game and just think of the publicity that you’d get not just because it would be released on the Atari 2600 but because it could work with the paddle controller and the driving controller now that’s big news.