Star Wars crossover adds imperial stormtrooper to Fortnite

A lot of companies utilize the favorite battle royale name as a platform to market their most recent campaign and Epic is happy to take their advertising bucks. And as long as folks are ready to cover these decorative wares, well, what’s the harm in it all?

Epic Games is the king of crossovers and Fortnite is its promotional platform of choice. Case in point — that the developer has launched a Star Wars-themed event to coincide with the launch of EA’s latest game.

The crossover sees the arrival of a new imperial stormtrooper outfit at the Fortnite item store. It is available as a standalone purchase although in the event that you purchase Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, then you’re going to get the skin for free V Bucks Generator.

The statement trailer for its crossover cites an imperial stormtrooper assignment but besides the skin and how a Star Destroyer can now be observed in the heavens over, there’s not much else to report on at this time. Perhaps EA and Epic are simply setting the platform for a full-scale Star Wars event to coincide with the launch of Star Wars: The Growth of Skywalker at December?

The crossover also functions nicely with the recent launching of Disney+ but that’s likely little more than a coincidence.