IELTS Test: The Definition, Implementation, and Materials

What is IELTS? IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a sort of testing system designed to measure the English skills and comprehension particularly for them the non-English users. Commonly, the IELTS general test is conducted when someone must go to the English-speaking countries for studying or working. With the test, it is expected that they can communicate well during their time in those countries.

The Implementation of IELTS
IELTS test is conducted all around the world by them the courses or institutions with an official license. If you are interested to gain the most valid information regarding the test, you can go to its official website at In the website, there is the list of institutions around you where you can register yourself for the test. Sure, it is better to choose one which is the nearest to you.
The website also gives further information related to the schedule, cost, assessment system, announcement of the results, and so forth. Interestingly, starting from 2006, you can join the test anytime as you want even if you have joined it only several days before. Before 2006, there is a regulation that the participants can only repeat the test at least 90 days after the first test he or she joins.

General Rules of IELTS
In general, you need to come to the location around 15 minutes before the test is started. You must also show your identity card to the staff to make sure that this is the real you. The data in the identity card must be exactly the same with the data you use in the registration. Some tools to bring are only a pencil, pen, and eraser. Meanwhile, you are not allowed to carry the bag, book, and any electronic devices.

The Formats of IELTS
IELTS is available in 2 formats; the academic and general training. IELTS academic is intended for college purposes particularly the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. On the other hand, IELTS general training is for working. The differences between those two formats are only for the IELTS reading and writing. While for IELTS listening and speaking, the materials are relatively the same.

The Materials of IELTS
There are many IELTS materials in the form of books and e-books to offer outside. Sure, although the tasks must be different from one to another, the types are just the same. The three language skills, they are listening, reading, and writing must be completed in one day only. There is even no resting time among those three.
But for IELTS speaking, it is a little bit different. The test is commonly conducted separately in the period of 7 days before or after the 3 other skills. But sure, it is possible also to have the speaking test on the same day with the other 3 tests. It depends on the test center that you choose.

The Results
You will receive a Test Report Form that shows the scores for those 4 skills. There is also the accumulation of the scores that can be used to fulfill the requirement of studying or working abroad.