The Indestructible Thermos

Legendary for the “Designed For Existence” tagline, Stanley thermos products possess a sterling status to be virtually indestructible. Getting once believed that tales regarding their durability and toughness are simply marketing hype or a lot of exaggerated retellings, I made the decision to get at the foot of things and perform some experimenting of my very own. I’d try to abuse a Stanley thermos as much as its breaking point, and find out whether it still keeps coffee warm after a large amount of physical damage. At worst, I am going to find out if it’ll create a leak.

My test subject is really a classic eco-friendly Entropy Thermo which i inherited from my dad. It’s over the age of me but could still keep coffee hot for nearly 24 hrs, however i only attributed its durability that my dad is definitely an obsessive compulsive neat freak. He adopts great proper care of his possessions and so i thought the thermos only agreed to be well maintained. I fully meant to put my Stanley thermos to a lot of punishing tests that may happen to a thermos in the daily responsibilities as beverage holder. All the the situation is realistic and may happen accidentally. It isn’t like I am likely to put one within chainsaw.

My first test ended up being to drop the unlucky Stanley thermos from the high place. I put hot coffee within the thermos, closed the lid tightly and went behind work in order to drop it in the fifth floor’s fire escape ladder. Following the fall, I checked the thermos for splilling, leakage or any damage. There is a little scratch along with a dent around the bottom, the part that hit the pavement first, but no leaks or splilling, because the lid continued to be tightly closed.

The 2nd test ended up being to treat the Stanley thermos just like a Slinky toy and allow it to roll lower a lengthy flight of stairs alone. Fortunately, work building were built with a flight of stairs restricted to occasions once the elevator is unavailable. The elevator being offered resulted in we’d the steps all to ourselves, also it would be a good factor just because a thermos moving lower vertically from ten flights of stairs is very loud. When it comes to test, lots of noise is made but damage and leakage were nonexistent.

Our final test contained going outdoors after work hours and directly banging the Stanley thermos around the pavement. I can not think of a situation in which a thermos would accidentally hit the pavement 5 occasions at breakneck speeds, however it appeared just like a natural plan of action at that time. We banged the thermos around the pavement 5 occasions as hard once we could, and checked for damage. There have been additional dents and scratches made, but nonetheless no leakage. At that time we declared the experiment over and that i began believing that the Stanley thermos is really Designed For Existence. We celebrated the Stanley thermos’ durability by consuming the coffee inside, which, incidentally, continues to be hot.