Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran: Luxurious Voyage in Bali Sea

Enjoy the beauty of Bali Sea with Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran. The spacious, comfortable, and stable cruise is ready to take you to a luxurious voyage in the paradise on earth—Bali. With its maximum capacity of 45 guests and 4 cabins, you would be able to feel more intimate with your loved one, family, or even yourself while spending your day on board.

You will not be bored during your trip with Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran because it provides various facilities to make your trip become more unforgettable. Relax yourself with bright sunshine, the blowing wind, and the sound of the waves at the huge upper sundeck. If you want to chillout and sunbathe, comfortable cushion is available on this cruise.  There are also large bow trampolines, a rear bar area, protected central lounge area, fishing rods, and sound system offered on the cruise. Afraid of being hungry during the trip? This cruise serves welcome drink, pastries, soft drinks, tea, coffee, sliced fruit, sliced cheese, and crackers for you to eat. The gorgeous view of Bali sea is not the only thing you could enjoy here, this luxurious cruise will actually take you to one of beautiful islands in Bali, Lembongan Island.

Once the cruise arrives at Lembongan Island, you may want to do have some fun moment in white send beaches and sea by doing some activities, like snorkeling or riding banana boat. You can also enjoy the beautiful crystal-clear underwater view that is full of vibrant reefs and fish from glass bottom boat offered by Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran. Not only the sea, you can also join village tour to learn more about seaweed as Lembongan’s main export at the seaweed farms and famous underground house at the island. Lush BBQ lunch by the sea is ready to reenergize yourself after plenty of activities. Swimming pool and venue restaurant is also some of the facilities you could use to chill out and spend your time here.

You can experience luxurious voyage with Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran in Bali Sea with the help from With, there’s nothing to worry about! provides Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran package with pick-up and drop-off services included to make it easy for you. If you are ever curious about other spots and things to do in Bali (or even any other places in the world), then is the answer. Be free to make your desire holiday and let fulfill your dream.

Tokyo Tower; Place Where You can Mesmerizing The Fullest Tokyo Scenery

Tokyo Tower will give you such a different way to watch Tokyo scenery. Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world. Many people want to visit it due to its gorgeous culture and natural sides. Even though Japan is known as the Anime and Manga mainland, many tourism attractions can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tokyo Tower is the main landmark of Japan, especially Tokyo. Similar with The Lady Liberty, anyone who comes to Japan, must visit Tokyo Tower at least once before they leave. This tower has a service that is famous among the visitors. You will able to come to the observatory deck and watch the beauty of Tokyo scenery! The observatory deck is at the 249.6 meters high. When you are at this height, every inch of Tokyo will be yours. The tower was officially opened at 1958, and since that year, many visitors endlessly come to Tokyo Tower. This tower is basically a telecommunication tower, which is supporting the Japan communication signal. However, this tower has a facility that let the visitors watch the beauty of Tokyo scenery. Before visiting the observatory deck, visitors must purchase the ticket.

The operating hours of Tokyo Tower are from 9 AM until 11 PM. If you are wishing for a great clean scenery, you need to come to Tokyo Observatory Deck before the sun falls. You will get an amazing Tokyo cityscape clearly. Enjoy the whole of Tokyo with your bird eyes, especially when the spring comes. You will get to see the whole city is covered with a large pink Sakura blanket! Otherwise, you may visit it when autumn. Instead of a pink blanket, Tokyo will be fully covered with yellowish leaves and brownish trees! The night view is also mesmerizing. The night sky of Tokyo will be sparkling due to the city’s lamplight. The scenery is quite similar to the dark forest full of the firefly lights!

You can enjoy this amazing experience if you purchase the Tokyo Tower Observatory Ticket that is provided by Befreetour. You do not need to queue just to get the tickets! The only thing that you need to do is surfing on our website, Our price is below than the average prices, so you can save lots of money by buying here. Once you purchase the ticket, you will get an instant access to Tokyo Tower with ease. Say goodbye to the queue because you can visit Tokyo Tower directly with our ticket! (Ty)

Easy access to explore Bali with Bali Rent Car

Bali Car Rental is an important need to explore Bali. For some reasons, you need your own private car to explore Bali. The main problem in exploring Bali is about the access to accommodation. Don’t you know that Bali only has an airport? The answer is yes. The other problem is Bali doesn’t have a train network. if you look for a train in Bali, you will never get it. What about public transportation? It is also difficult to find it. Perhaps you will use a taxi for your alternative. Think twice, you will pay much money for the rate.

Don’t make those problems above canceling your plan to visit Bali. There is Bali Car Rental comes to you helping to explore Bali. This service of accommodation will give you a big help to enjoy this enchanting island. Let’s come to a question, why you should use Bali Car Rental? the following will answer your question.

Can be found everywhere in Bali

Bali is large and has many amazing spots to visit. There are many famous places and even the hidden paradise. Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to find the hidden ones. Don’t worry about that. The crew is living everywhere in Bali. You can easily get your car wherever you stay in Bali. This Bali car rental offers the ease of exploring Bali. It will be ready anywhere and anytime you need it.

New and Comfortable Car

Every tourist expects that he/she has to use the best and comfortable car. Your expectation will come true with Bali Car Rental. The car is well-taken care. It is also comfortable to use. Whether you want to use it with family, friend, and even your couple, it is nice and comfortable. Your trip will be funnier and your holiday getting more satisfy.

Excellent English Spoken Driver

Coming to a new place often coming to a new problem of communication. Although English is an international language not many people can use it well. With Bali Car Rental you will get a driver which has excellent English ability. Your communication will be running well. You can tell and explain what you want. The driver will easily understand your need. And, the most important thing is, you get the most unforgettable trip.

Best Choice for Adventurers: Bali ATV Ride and Rafting Day Tour.

bali atv
bali atv

Bali ATV Ride and Rafting Day Tour are enjoyments designed for you all adventure lovers. Your adrenaline will be challenged here. This Bali Day tour contains two adventures. The ATV ride and Rafting. Having a great adventure while enjoying the nature of Ubud is inrefuseable offers.

The ATV and Rafting adventure can be enjoyed only in a day. The first you will enjoy the ATV jungle adventure and followed by Rafting Adventure in Ayung River. It will be exhausted but all your tiredness is not matching to your enjoyments.

Before you start the adventure, you will be picked up on your hotel. The schedule can be consulted with the provider. After picking up is heading the destination. The first adventure is ATV on the jungle of Ubud. single rider is available here. Don’t worry if you can’t drive the ATV, ATV tandem is also available too.

What are the enjoyments of the ATV ride?. You will be experiencing by the jungle of Ubud. Passing natural view of paddy field and the village is also refreshing your mind. The most exciting one is when you have to pass the river. It will be challenging and so fun.

Not only about the ATV ride, after you are finished with the ATV ride you will get more adventures. But, before the next outbound activity, you will get lunch to fill you up. After the lunch, you will move to Ayung river. There you will feel the unforgettable rafting adventure.

Bring your best people here to taste the stream of Ayung river. The jungle surrounding is also awesome. your adventure will be accompanied by the scenic natural view of Ubud. Get to work together in Ayung river, conquer the stream, and get your togetherness here.

After you have done to the rafting adventure, don’t forget to take shower. Clean your body and the driver will be ready to pick you up to your hotel. Those both adventure can be enjoyed from 8 t0 65 years old. Bring your friends, family, or mate there will be an exciting moment in Bali. don’t forget to add Bali ATV Ride and Rafting Day Tour to your vacation list for the best adventure moments.

Bromo Tour Package for Honeymoon Couples

Honeymoon at the beach sounds like a very typical honeymoon. There are many alternatives to that, actually. Honeymoon at the mountain has soon become a trend. It has many perks to offer to newlyweds. The first perk is the atmosphere. Mountain provides you a tranquil ambience coupled with breathtaking landscapes and greens as far as your eyes can see like surabaya bromo ijen tour . There are many activities that couples can do in the mountain. Even if you are not a very active person, there are various options available for you. Mount Bromo can be a romantic getaway destination for couples in honeymoon. You can get Bromo tour package specifically designed for honeymoon couples.

Bromo Tour Package for Honeymoon Couples

Bromo Honeymoon Tour Package

After arrival at the closest airport, you will travel to Mount Bromo National Park to begin the Bromo tour package with . You can enjoy a special meal in the honeymoon suite and rest to prepare for the next day’s activities. Early in the morning, a Jeep will pick up and drive you to Mount Penanjakan. In addition, you can bask in the gentle beauty of sunrise at this mountain. After this activity, the Jeep will drive to Sea of Sand. There is an option to ride horse on the carpet of dark sand. Active couple may also choose to peek at Bromo Crater by ascending 250 stairs leading up to the crater. On the next day, you can go to Savannah to revel in green scenery and clean air. Some honeymoon packages come with photo shooting session at the mountain, so you can bring back beautiful photograph as a trinket of your honeymoon.

If that type of Bromo tour package is too expensive for you, arranging one of your own is possible. In the case where you and your partner are quiet found of exercising, just choose hiking activity. Bromo is friendly for hikers, even at beginner level and Bromo Tour Package for Honeymoon Couples