How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

Recently in the free-software series I showed you OBS studio which is a free and open source screen recorder for Windows Mac and Linux in the comments of that video many of you asked for me to do a tutorial in this beginners guide I will show you how to setup and use OBS studio coming up next on tech gumbo to get OBS studio onto your computer go to the website which is OBS project comm there’ll be a link in the description of this video you’ll see on this page that you have options for Windows 7 plus Mac OS 10 point 10 plus and Linux

The Windows and Mac downloads are standard installer packages if you select the Linux link it will open up a new page with the install directions once you have OBS installed open up the program since this is a beginner’s guide i’ll go at a slower pace and keep this simple to get you started with using OBS studio this is now my preferred screen capture program so i’ll also go over the settings that I use to record my screen now that you have OBS opened if this is your first time using this software the screen capture area within this window should be black first you will need to set up a source so go down to

The sources box select the plus sign you will have several choices i’ll go over the two that are used most often if you plan to record your screen with the file save your computer so you can edit them later on select display capture I already have a display capture setup so this one is automatically named display capture 2 you can rename it if you want make sure that makes source visible is checked then select ok click on the display button to select the monitor you would like to record if you have a single monitor you should only have one option here if you’ve run a multiple monitor setup select your monitor if you want your mouse cursor to be captured when OBS records make sure that capture cursor is checked when done select okay let’s go back to

Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

Hello guys my name is Tom Antos and in this video I wanted to show you my life web streaming setup a lot of you guys have been asking me how I do my weekly filmmaking times show here on youtube and also on Facebook so I’m gonna kind of take you through the whole setup and everything that I have up here all the equipment and also explain to you really what you need to just to get started I kind of you know I then started with this right away I kind of slowly built up into it anyways what Tv3 Malaysia

The main thing you’re going to need obviously is a camera you literally just need one camera I could even be a webcam honestly but if you want to start with something better then I would say start with any camera that you have could be a DSLR DSL m, in this case, I’ll have the Ursa mini 4.6 K it’s a great sort of a studio camera so that’s the reason why I’m using it so that’s the camera that’s you see me up here on right now is my main camera and the way that this whole thing works is once you have your main camera set up you need to connect it to something so you can actually stream this over the Internet so now just off camera up here I actually have all the elements that I need to actually do

The show actually being and myself but at the same time also operate everything switch cameras adjust audio levels all that stuff now if I wanted to I can also have somebody let’s say if I have sometimes an assistant come by or a dedicated person to kind of do everything behind the scenes then I can do that but if I don’t have anybody and that’s the beauty of internet these days is that you can just have a live show that you’re streaming and you could just be you know a one-man kind of operation so here’s my kind of a setup which you can see and this set up is kind of what I need for my show but again I’ll explain to you what you really need just to get started so what you need is like I said a camera once you have a camera

Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

Hey guys what’s up its miles here and I’ll come back another video it seems like these days, everyone and their grandma has been trying to stream on twitch tv after seeing the success of ninja myth in a bunch of other people so i thought I’d make an updated 2018 guide if those who guys who are interested in streaming before i do is started it would be awesome if you guys could drop a like on the video if it does end up helping you out and really appreciate it but learn that let’s get on with the video so of course, the first two main requirements you’ll need to meet to live stream properly is one having a good computer and two having a solid internet connection i do want to clarify that having a good laptop will get the job done.

The same but i highly recommend having a desktop over a laptop i personally have a pretty solid computer and I’ll have my specs on the screen right now just so you guys to take a look one thing i do want to mention to those of us who are new to streaming is that a MacBook does not i repeat it does not qualify as a good streaming laptop let alone a gaming laptop i do wish it was other way around because i do love my MacBook but they just really aren’t meant for heavy usage like that so just definitely end up getting like a windows pc or something like that honestly as long as you built or bought your gaming pc or video editing pc or whatever it is within the past few years it more than likely qualifies to be a good streaming tv2 Malaysia or gaming pc moving up from that the second thing you’ll need just like i mentioned before is that you’re gonna want to have a good internet connection and more specifically your upload speed.

So if you’re not too sure what your upload speed is already just head over to I’m gonna have a link on the screen and in the description below and once you’re there just go ahead and hit the button that says go it’s kind of hard to miss but anyways once you do that the website is gonna run a test and scan just gonna return your ping your download speed and your upload speed so keep in mind if you want to have the most accurate results you should be doing this on a wired connection using an ethernet cable i feel like it’s common sense but i’m gonna mention it anyways if you want to stream in general unless your speeds show up in like the hundreds for both your download and upload speed with a really low ping i wouldn’t recommend you stay on a wireless connection and just switch to wired full-time also if you do want to be a live stream er it would be near impossible to actually stream content without experiencing a ton of drops in overall lag if you have an upload speed of 2 or below in my personal opinion anything from 4 to 5 or above for your upload speed usually results in a pretty consistent and stable streaming experience so from this page just try to keep your upload speed in your head as well be referring to it later on in the video so as you can see mine arms up to basically 5.8 anyways moving on from that since this is an obeah streaming guide for twitch you should already have obs installed on your computer but if for some reason you don’t and you’re still watching the video I’m gonna have a download link in the description below which should you take you to a page similar to this one right here

Is Listening MP3 English Songs a Good Habit While Traveling?

While you are going in a train, transport or even flight, which is the best propensity you can be participating in? All things considered, it has been discovered that tuning in to the music as a rule works a few miracles. When you get the chance to put the earphones and start to play mp3 English tunes, you can stay away from the garrulous voyagers and some aimless dialogs which are engaged with the procedure.

Aside from tuning in to MP3 English tunes being a decent propensity while you are voyaging, it additionally has some medical advantages of tuning in to music.

Here are a few advantages:

To start, on the off chance that you have been experiencing the movement disorder, the music will help in redirecting your psyche. At the point when the psyche is diverted positively, the uneasiness ordinarily can be limited.

There is an investigation which was done demonstrated that the music is among best non-restorative yet in addition remedial measure that guides in forestalling impacts of the movement affliction which happens amid the movement. In a lot of cases, tuning in to MP3 English tunes averts sickness.

Music has been known to elevate one’s inclination. At whatever point you are voyaging, the inclination may not generally be cheerful. From cleanliness conditions in a transport or the train to swarm which is around you, you can be angry with anything. Music can help the psyche and captures you to another world for quite a while.

In a condition, you can be going once again from the work environment utilizing the neighborhood train; you can be worried in the wake of a difficult day’s on the shoulders considering office matters, the battles with a partner and may more. Music serves to de-stretch you, and you can feel progressively loose. The issues appear to get broke up for quite a while.

Music has been known to influence the hormones. Cortisol is a hormone which is emitted because of stress. Tuning in to MP3 English melodies can help in chipping away at pressure hormone and decline the dimensions.

MOVIE REVIEW: Director Chazelle over his head in ‘First Man’

First Man


1/2 out of 4 stars

For the initial a hour and a half (believe it or not a hour and a half) of executive Damien Chazelle’s “First Man,” all we find out about Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) is that he minds his own business and is relationally stunted, an obsessive worker and crushingly dull. An air transportation design who started his NASA profession in 1961, Armstrong began as a pilot and was at the front of the line for the Gemini program which transformed into the Apollo program and his ascendency to turning into the principal man to stroll on the Moon.

“First Man” is Chazelle’s fourth element, a major spending plan, prominent epic. He has an exceptional cast, an about $60 million spending plan and a story with an inherent (assumed) cheerful consummation yet transforms it into a 143-minute, trudging sulk fest.

At different focuses, “First Man” is an Armstrong bio-flick and a past filled with NASA, yet Chazelle and screenwriter Josh Singer (“Spotlight,” “The Post”), adjusting the book of nearly a similar name by James R. Hansen, give us a tad bit of both and insufficient of either. The opening scene — sans credits — indicates Armstrong (eyes and nose just) couple with wide shots of space while he endeavors to arrive a plane against incredible chances. The cameras turn and shake, and what ought to have taken two minutes goes on for 15. It’s simply the first of many comparable scenes that go ahead excessively long with so little to confer.

The surprising loss of a close relative presently rattles Armstrong and is returned to all through. While all around proposed, it appears to be exploitative and crude. Individuals from Armstrong’s surviving family have apparently given the film their approval, yet knowing about the man’s outrageous hesitance to ever capitalize on his moon-strolling notoriety and his shirking of attention, it’s impossible he would have become even near supporting this completed film.

Printable Funeral Service Templates to Enable You To overcome a Hard Time

When you lose a friend or family member it appears as though the world stops, and ordinary classifications of time, space, and work lose their importance. In any case, even amidst this tornado of feeling there are things that must be finished. Official structures must be rounded out. Courses of action for incineration or an entombment must be made. And afterward there’s all the coordinations of the funeral or dedication service; the unique time in which you say your natural goodbyes to the person who has gone previously.

At the point when the coordinations of the majority of this get overpowering, the time has come to take a gander at approaches to improve things and figure out how to get to the substance of what you need without investing hours on good for nothing occupations. One approach to do this is to utilize printable funeral service templates and printable dedication service templates.

You need everything at the funeral or dedication of your adored one to be lovely and professionally made, to mirror the excellence of that life that was. This is a strongly close to home time, and you might not have any desire to turn the game plans over to outsiders. But then this isn’t a period when you can invest hours dealing with essential designing work. Printable funeral service templates empower you to invest your energy the manner in which it ought to be gone through praising the time on earth of your adored one by picking a photo or putting down words that portray his or her life.

In the event that you choose to go this course, you’ll experience a list of printable funeral service templates and printable commemoration service templates to discover one that best communicates how you feel about the person who has proceeded onward, and how you need to depict that existence with others. At that point you should simply embed your picked photo of your cherished one and fill in the content. Everything else is improved the situation you, and a straightforward fill-in-the-spaces will deliver an excellent item that will be a lasting keepsake of this self-contradicting time.

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Cleveland MMA contender, rapper R-Stonze debuts new melody ‘Passing In Front of Me’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Rapper Ryan Whetstone (otherwise known as R-Stonze) sees the great and terrible in the city on his most up to date melody “Passing In Front Of Me.”

Download lagu The track is a coordinated effort with individual Cleveland rapper Young Vitto. Whetstone said it was enlivened by the demise of companion and individual rapper Malik Williams, otherwise known as “Dolla,” which happened in late 2017.

“The City of Cleveland is a delightful city, but on the other hand it’s genuine vicious in specific regions. Me and [Young Vitto] were simply discussing things we’ve encountered, individuals we’ve lost. The motivation for this tune is from those occasions,” said Whetstone. “Not only for us however, there are many individuals that can identify with that, not even brutally. Everybody has lost somebody whether it’s a relative or a companion.”

The new tune will show up on an up and coming R-Stonze EP, due out on Sept. 21. Tune in to “Death In Front Of Me” underneath.

The way toward making “Demise In Front Of Me” was natural for Whetstone and Young Vitto. “Normally when I’m accustomed to making tunes, I’ll take a seat and begin composing and composing until the point when it’s entire and completed,” said Whetstone. “Presently, I endeavor to begin composing a melody and when I stall out, I allow it to sit unbothered and go live and return.”

Making music has been a piece of Whetstone’s life for as long as 15 years. He’s been assembling melodies since he was a young person, initially making silly fronts of rap tunes about nourishment at school. When he turned 15 or 16, he encouraged himself how to blend and ace his function with PC programs.

Presently 31, Whetstone is proceeding to discharge new material frequently – however he’s associated with something beyond music. Whetstone is additionally seeking after an experts in data administration, and prepares as a beginner blended combative techniques contender.

Learn Internet Marketing from Udemy

Udemy platform is now globally used by people who want to know more about anythings. People will prefer following an online course that internationally available for you to enroll through the Udemy platform.

One of the best things of Udemy that you can get and Udemy Sale. This is a moment when a course is discounted or even you can get a course for free. With a tools you can download the video and watch the course offline or while you are away without an internet connection. You can learn from public transport or anythings when you are at a great moments of watching the course.

If you are internet marketer then your great objective will be a traffic and getting sales. One of the key of getting sales is a good website copywriting. So taking a copywriting course on udemy will be great for you to take you a higher level of the confidence of your internet marketing skill. Copywriting is great skill when it talked in conversion of the advertisement.

You can also get course among all the thing you can imagine or people want to know. There are also a review of the course so you can get read it before take in or enroll a course. You can search for a list of Udemy sale and find a good course that you can take and learn from it.

You will need to take a break and do what told on the course before getting on another similar course. This is preventing load of informations that can break your business movement.