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Thing That Cause Slow Response from Customer Service Indosat

There are some people complaining about the slow response of the customer service Indosat. If you are also one of those people who are experiencing the same problem when you are calling the customer service from Indosat, there are some things that might be the cause of the slow response. Here are some of those things that might cause the slow response that you get from the customer service from Indosat.

The first one is the number that you call. There are some numbers of the customer service that you can call from Indosat. Each of those numbers is considered as something specific. That means you need to call the exact number based on your current SIM card. If you are using Matrix SIM card, you need to call 111. If you are using Mentari or IM3, you need to call either 100 or 185 to reach the customer service Indosat. Therefore, make sure you call the right number. The second one is your credit. This one is totally important for Mentari and IM3 because you will be charged for the call to the service centre. The charge is 400 Rupiahs per call. On the other hand, Matrix is free to call so that you will not be charged at all.

The third one is the time. This one is rather important because there are times when the customer services are busy. As the result, you will get the slow response. Therefore, if you want to call the customer service Indosat, you need to make sure that you are calling them on the free time. At least, you should not call them on the busy hour. Therefore, you will get the faster response. With all of those things mentioned above, you can easily learn that actually you can get the faster response from the customer service. Read more this topic on that give an uptodate article about provider and internet marketing.

Currency Trading for Beginners

over the course of the next few minutes we’re going to go through some of the basics of the foreign exchange market how it works how people trade it and what makes currency pairs move so in this latest video with trading – and so what I thought we’d do is take maybe something of a step back now I appreciate plenty of people are quite familiar with foreign exchange trading but for some people it might be a new thing so we’ll do a few minutes just explaining how this market works when you’re trading what you’re actually trading and what makes currency pairs move now first of all foreign exchange market it’s the biggest market in the world Bar None it trades trillions of dollars a day around the clock so it appeals to both traders who are trading small size jadwal tv

and larger size because it’s relatively easy to get your trades filled and the cost of doing business is much lower when compared to other markets with currency markets no currency moves in isolation so we have the idea of of currency pairs one currency quoted against another so to make sense of this let’s take a quick look on the platform so we’re on the trading two-on-two platform let’s click the search tool up here top left and see what’s available to trade let’s click on currencies now so here’s the list of various currencies Australian dollar Canadian dollar Swiss franc Czech koruna and so it goes on so there are potentially hundreds of permutations we could trade for example

if we go down to here the PLN polish zloty if you wanted to you could take a view on the Polish zloty against the Japanese yen polish zloty against the Mexican pesos there are all sorts of combinations you can do it what most people tend to do in the beginning at least is stick to the major markets that the major currency pairs because there’s normally plenty going on in those markets and with trading – and – if you’re trading 25,000 units or less 01:56 you can trade these with zero spread so let me just highlight these by typing in zero at the top so there we go that the most popular market euro dollar then we have the other Majors dollar Japanese yen Pound US dollar and the dollar against the Swiss franc so when we’re looking at currencies and currency pairs it’s all about relative value is one currency stronger or weaker than another currency and to get an idea of this let’s take a look at how one currency pair has moved over recent months so all the currency pair is showing is

[Exclusive] Alan Walker Story About the Dream of Being an Army & Indonesia!

KompasMP3 For the umpteenth time, Alan Walker came back to Indonesia and was ready to entertain his loyal fans. The arrival of this British musician and producer in order to enliven the year music event, Spotify on Stage, which was held lively Friday (12/10), at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.

Alan was chosen to attend a music performance that gathered cool musicians from Asia and Europe, certainly not without reason. Yups, the main reason because this DJ is able to dominate the music market since joining the industry with the hits maker “Faded”. Even his work every day is played thousands of times by country music lovers.

IDN Times also got the opportunity to interview with Alan Walker a few hours before he kicked off the Spotify on Stage stage in front of more than 7,000 spectators.

Hi Alan, we are from the IDN Times. It’s great to be able to meet you today. Welcome back to Indonesia. How are you? How is the trip, jet lag, isn’t it?

“Yeah, I am very happy to be able to come back here. Luckily, it isn’t too jetic, even though today’s trip is quite tiring. From Oslo to Doha, take the first flight then Doha to Jakarta on the second flight, approximately six to eight hours. every time I hear about going to Indonesia again, “he replied very kindly.

Introducing and greeting each other begins with great delight by the owner of the hits maker “Alone”. The activity continued with a question and answer session with the media group.

Are you curious about what Alan leaked during the interview session for about 30 minutes? Now here is the full review, let’s just read Alright bluntly about the hard work, dreams and meaning of Indonesian fans for him.

1. Being very popular like now, how was the beginning of your musical journey?

My career journey began more or less in 2007 or 2008. I didn’t expect it would be like now. I love music and I uploaded my creation on YouTube and Soundcloud in 2011.

I also listen to music a lot, for example techno. Then I began to make songs and put them on YouTube. To be honest, I don’t have a musical background like many people have, but now that technology is available, everything is on the internet, you can get whatever you want.

Tutorial: How To Stream On Youtube With OBS Studio!

Hey guys tropics here and welcome back in today’s video i’ll be showing you guys how to livestream with OBS studio and youtube now I previously did this tutorial on how to stream with twitch and OBS so now when we show in youtube some love and I’m going to teach you guys how to stream with youtube so I recently did a live stream on youtube or youtube gaming whatever and I worked out pretty well I just wanted to check all tv online

The settings and what youtube streaming was all about my first ever youtube livestream honestly it wasn’t too bad but it’s really complicated so that’s why I wanted to make this tutorial today to really get this out there because I guarantee you a lot of people are going to be really confused as if what to do because live-streaming on youtube is not very easy so uh if you guys do want to watch my stream just I don’t know turn on notifications or something I probably will be streaming quite a bit now on youtube now that I know how to and I usually assume on Twitch as well so

If you want to go follow my twitch links are in the description below to my Twitter to which my discord server I highly recommend you join that if you need any extra help with this video the discord server is a great place to go so all that will be in the description so yeah just look at those so the first link we’re going to click is the OBS studio link now you know search of OBS dod’s you know you don’t have to click the link but it’s easier if you’re lazy so

I INDUSTRIAL MUSIC, the invasion of music from Japan is arguably quite strong in Asia

Indeed, when listening to historical facts and data scattered in some literature, modern music that entered Japan was brought by Americans. Those Americans – initially introduced jazz. Reportedly, jazz is the root of J-Pop that we know today.

The roots of J-Pop originated from Jazz music which was popular at the beginning of the Showa era. The beginning of the Showa Era began in 1926 by Emperor Hirohito until the time of World War II 1945. Jazz introduced various types of musical instruments which were previously only used for classical music and in the military, in various bars and clubs such as “Ongaku Kissa” which is one the famous Jazz performance venue.

But during World War II, jazz music was stopped due to pressure from the Japanese royal army. After the war ended, the United States Army introduced to Japan the types of typical American music such as boogie-woogie, mambo, blues and country. The types of music are performed by Japanese musicians to American troops who occupy the US headquarters in Japan. Songs like “Tokyo Boogie-Woogie” sung by Sizuko Kasaoki (1948), “Tennesse Waltz” by Eri Chiemi (1951), “Omatsuri Mambo” by Misora ​​Hibari and “Omoide no Waltz” by Izumi Yukimura became popular in Japan.

Even outside musicians such as Jazz At The Philharmonic and Louis Armstrong once visited Japan to perform. 1952 was the year when Jazz music was booming. However, Jazz is not a type of music that is easy to learn so most Japanese amateur musicians learn country music which is considered the easiest to learn.

Rock and Roll fever began to hit Japan in 1956 by a country music group, Kosaka Kazuya and Wagon Masters who released the album “Heartbreak Hotel”, which was originally delivered by the king Elvis Presley. This rock and roll outbreak reached its peak in 1959 with the emergence of a film that focused on performing Japanese rock and roll groups. The fall of rock and roll in the United States was followed by Japan along with the many groups in Japan who were nothing but imitating American Rock and Roll.

How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

Recently in the free-software series I showed you OBS studio which is a free and open source screen recorder for Windows Mac and Linux in the comments of that video many of you asked for me to do a tutorial in this beginners guide I will show you how to setup and use OBS studio coming up next on tech gumbo to get OBS studio onto your computer go to the website which is OBS project comm there’ll be a link in the description of this video you’ll see on this page that you have options for Windows 7 plus Mac OS 10 point 10 plus and Linux

The Windows and Mac downloads are standard installer packages if you select the Linux link it will open up a new page with the install directions once you have OBS installed open up the program since this is a beginner’s guide i’ll go at a slower pace and keep this simple to get you started with using OBS studio this is now my preferred screen capture program so i’ll also go over the settings that I use to record my screen now that you have OBS opened if this is your first time using this software the screen capture area within this window should be black first you will need to set up a source so go down to

The sources box select the plus sign you will have several choices i’ll go over the two that are used most often if you plan to record your screen with the file save your computer so you can edit them later on select display capture I already have a display capture setup so this one is automatically named display capture 2 you can rename it if you want make sure that makes source visible is checked then select ok click on the display button to select the monitor you would like to record if you have a single monitor you should only have one option here if you’ve run a multiple monitor setup select your monitor if you want your mouse cursor to be captured when OBS records make sure that capture cursor is checked when done select okay let’s go back to

Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

Hello guys my name is Tom Antos and in this video I wanted to show you my life web streaming setup a lot of you guys have been asking me how I do my weekly filmmaking times show here on youtube and also on Facebook so I’m gonna kind of take you through the whole setup and everything that I have up here all the equipment and also explain to you really what you need to just to get started I kind of you know I then started with this right away I kind of slowly built up into it anyways what Tv3 Malaysia

The main thing you’re going to need obviously is a camera you literally just need one camera I could even be a webcam honestly but if you want to start with something better then I would say start with any camera that you have could be a DSLR DSL m, in this case, I’ll have the Ursa mini 4.6 K it’s a great sort of a studio camera so that’s the reason why I’m using it so that’s the camera that’s you see me up here on right now is my main camera and the way that this whole thing works is once you have your main camera set up you need to connect it to something so you can actually stream this over the Internet so now just off camera up here I actually have all the elements that I need to actually do

The show actually being and myself but at the same time also operate everything switch cameras adjust audio levels all that stuff now if I wanted to I can also have somebody let’s say if I have sometimes an assistant come by or a dedicated person to kind of do everything behind the scenes then I can do that but if I don’t have anybody and that’s the beauty of internet these days is that you can just have a live show that you’re streaming and you could just be you know a one-man kind of operation so here’s my kind of a setup which you can see and this set up is kind of what I need for my show but again I’ll explain to you what you really need just to get started so what you need is like I said a camera once you have a camera

Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

Hey guys what’s up its miles here and I’ll come back another video it seems like these days, everyone and their grandma has been trying to stream on twitch tv after seeing the success of ninja myth in a bunch of other people so i thought I’d make an updated 2018 guide if those who guys who are interested in streaming before i do is started it would be awesome if you guys could drop a like on the video if it does end up helping you out and really appreciate it but learn that let’s get on with the video so of course, the first two main requirements you’ll need to meet to live stream properly is one having a good computer and two having a solid internet connection i do want to clarify that having a good laptop will get the job done.

The same but i highly recommend having a desktop over a laptop i personally have a pretty solid computer and I’ll have my specs on the screen right now just so you guys to take a look one thing i do want to mention to those of us who are new to streaming is that a MacBook does not i repeat it does not qualify as a good streaming laptop let alone a gaming laptop i do wish it was other way around because i do love my MacBook but they just really aren’t meant for heavy usage like that so just definitely end up getting like a windows pc or something like that honestly as long as you built or bought your gaming pc or video editing pc or whatever it is within the past few years it more than likely qualifies to be a good streaming tv2 Malaysia or gaming pc moving up from that the second thing you’ll need just like i mentioned before is that you’re gonna want to have a good internet connection and more specifically your upload speed.

So if you’re not too sure what your upload speed is already just head over to I’m gonna have a link on the screen and in the description below and once you’re there just go ahead and hit the button that says go it’s kind of hard to miss but anyways once you do that the website is gonna run a test and scan just gonna return your ping your download speed and your upload speed so keep in mind if you want to have the most accurate results you should be doing this on a wired connection using an ethernet cable i feel like it’s common sense but i’m gonna mention it anyways if you want to stream in general unless your speeds show up in like the hundreds for both your download and upload speed with a really low ping i wouldn’t recommend you stay on a wireless connection and just switch to wired full-time also if you do want to be a live stream er it would be near impossible to actually stream content without experiencing a ton of drops in overall lag if you have an upload speed of 2 or below in my personal opinion anything from 4 to 5 or above for your upload speed usually results in a pretty consistent and stable streaming experience so from this page just try to keep your upload speed in your head as well be referring to it later on in the video so as you can see mine arms up to basically 5.8 anyways moving on from that since this is an obeah streaming guide for twitch you should already have obs installed on your computer but if for some reason you don’t and you’re still watching the video I’m gonna have a download link in the description below which should you take you to a page similar to this one right here