Maybe sometimes you need to record your activities to create a tutorial or something you want to explain to others. There are Jitbit Macro recorder that you can use in Windows that workd by recording your mouse and keyword to record and do some automation to create a macro files.

The Keywords stroke and mouse movement are saved in a macros script that can be called later for you to automate the process or you can call them as a new Windows command or compiled into executable files so you can run it anywhere without the installation of jitbit recorder.

This is will save a lot of your effort on some automation process that will take times for you to repeat some process that involve mouse and keywords movement.

No need to hire someone or any people to do your routine task, this tool will do whatever you record on your desktop activites. The activities of the recorder are including opening the files, shutdown the computer, launch a program, go to a website or any activites loops between them.

The great things of jitbit is that you do not need a programming skill in order to use them. All include in a simple tutorial that you can learn on the first use.