Seva Mobil Bekas : Disinfectant Fluids Damage Car Interior Layers?

Prevent Corona Virus in Cars, Disinfectant Fluids Damage Interior Layers?

Many things can be done around the location of residence during the corona pandemic. When working from home (WFH) there is actually less time left to do the cleaning, including washing the vehicle cabin to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

Because the bacteria and viruses from outside can be carried into the car, to the point that it needs cleaning stages. Actually the easiest to wash a car cabin.

Disinfectant fluids that have the skills to eradicate bacteria and viruses are now being hunted by not a few people. But actually this liquid is quite dangerous for car interior materials.

Because in general, disinfectant liquids containing alcohol that has a high PH, where car interior materials are generally created from like fabric, plastic, vinyl, and leather that can be quickly eroded by the alcohol content in disinfectants.

For this reason, the use of disinfectant liquid is not recommended if you want to keep the interior layer of our car in good condition.

Use Baby Soap

As quoted by WapCar, the best technique for washing car components is to use a liquid that is intended for the interior of the car. For example washing the dashboard using cleaning fluid for the dashboard.

But if you don’t have a special liquid, there is a recommended cleaning fluid for washing the car cabin with a safe PH, like baby soap.

Research has revealed that viruses like SARS-CoV2 can be eradicated using a combination of water and soap. How to use baby soap To wash the car’s interior is to blend soap into warm water and then put it in a spray bottle.

Did not have time to prepare even a cloth with a soft cloth like microfiber cloth to wash the interior surface of the car. It is recommended not to mix too little soap because it can create stickiness on the surface of the interior that is cleaned.

Spray soap and wipes the interior location of the car that is not rarely touched like a steering wheel, AC knob and transmission lever, dashboard, audio buttons, to the door handle.

If the car seat made of cloth try to not spray too much liquid soap because it will be more difficult to dry. Don’t forget to use a vacuum cleaner to reach between the cabin and upholstery.

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