Mercedes GLC SUV 2018 review

This is the Mercedes GLC and it’s a rival for the BMW x3 and the audi q5 and you can pretty much think of it as a c-class on stilts clearly an inferior product thankfully. this isn’t it’s a really really upmarket vehicle and it’s absolutely gorgeous inside in fact if you spend a lot of time in this car you get so used to the luxury. that you can find it difficult to go into your home and equipment it’s pretty good so the Jersey is a little bit more expensive than its rivals but you do get quite a lot of kit as standard such as man-made leather and if I didn’t tell you that it was manly you probably would never know you also get electrically operated seats and they’re heated as well. which is nice however if you want sat-nav you do have to pay extra for it on the base model and there’s two types right there’s a Garmin sat-nav which is not really very becoming of a Mercedes and then there’s the more expensive Mercedes command system which I’m brutally honest it’s not as good as those offered by Audi or BMW now. if you click on the card in the top right hand corner of the screen you can see our in-depth review of the infotainment system and have another look around.

This cars glorious cabin anybody notice then that the well the cubby space is actually really good but that’s not why you drive jail so you bought it for its image and really this is a car. that totally stands out from whichever angle you’re looking at it from the front the sides the back of especially the back it just it just screams quality also a standard all models get an electrically powered tailgate so it seems to take an absolute age to open but once open the boot is really really practical and it’s got a couple of really cool features .that I like so the first one is the fact that look you’ve got a lockable false floor so you can hide away your valuables another neat thing is that the parcel shelf is easy to remove and we’re not in use you can fit it under. there it’s great this car has no load lip the only problem is is that the load height is quite high so it’s going to be a bit of an effort for your dog to leap into the back you won’t find this in effort though falling down the rear seats just a flick of a button it’s just so simple Mercedes making your life easier there we go and then you’ve got a nice big flat lobe a it’s a very practical car actually and that extends to the back

Seats so we just hop in I’ll put these chairs back and you will see that I have loads of knee room loads of headroom people over six foot will be absolutely happy back here and you know if there’s only two of you you can fold. this down restaurant on it lift it up you’ve got some extra storage but if there’s not and you need to carry three it’s perfectly doable in here yes there’s a bit of a hump in the floor but those footballs really large and because of so much. Headroom look the middle seat is actually surprisingly comfortable and if you want to see just what it’s like with three people in the back click in the top right hand corner of the screen on the card frightened its practicality video and you’ll be able to see just how easy it is to fit a baby sitting here and how much stuff we could actually fit in the jail sees boot Mercedes has filled the GLC with technology and here’s a run-through of five cool features the GLC is the only car in its class available with air suspension but it is expensive the crosswind assist prevents sudden gusts from blown off course the blind spot monitoring with active steer prevented drifting into other cars. it’s already saved me once the location the gear selector on the steering column is really handy the off-road pack includes five modes including incline slippery and locking assist however the GLC isn’t perfect here’s five things which aren’t so cool about.

This SUV the black piano plastic may look great when you but it scratches easily you end up dirtying the backseat or trousers on the rubbing boards when you go to get out but it’s under the touchpad and the swivel wheel a little bit all can they kind of give you or si the automatic. gearbox sometimes jerks lightly when changing down at low speeds billa at the moment the car is currently only available with the two point 1 litre diesel engine in the UK though it does have two power outputs your p if you want petrol power you can get a six cylinder three litre in the sporty AMG GLC 43 and that brings us on how the GLC feels you hit the road the GLC is based on the c-class and as you’d expected it’s pretty good to drive and it’s not perfect though for instance. while the suspension on the hole is very very comfortable occasionally you do get this this slight rocking sensation when you go over a certain bumps another thing is that the controls the steering and the brakes they’re just a little bit numb and that means that you’re not really encouraged to push it to the corners like you would a bmw x3 to be fair though it still handles well enough and I think that this GL.