Watch out for ants

These little insects are already so common among us that we don’t even care much anymore. However, this small animal can cause us serious diseases and can be very dangerous in large numbers.


Ants are dirty animals. On their way in search of food, they pass through inappropriate places such as plumbing, sewage and even feces. With that these animals arrive at our food bringing germs and bacteria. In addition, studies show that they are contaminated with fungi that can cause allergies, mainly respiratory, and mycoses (simple or fatal) and distribute them wherever they go. Including our kitchens and food.

It has also been proven that ants are able to attack animals much larger than themselves, and carry them into their nests. It is not common to see ants attacking humans, but their bites can cause allergies and many bites together can be dangerous enough to kill. That is why we must try to stay away from ants and, if possible, exterminate them from our homes, either with poison or with pest control.

Choosing Web Membership Software to Create Membership Sites

Web membership software programs are used to produce a membership site that you could run either out of your own website or from the site supplied by the program provider. There are many kinds of such software like stu mclaren tribe, each getting its very own advantages and disadvantages, but generally an application package enabling you complete versatility is better.

By versatility is intended the ability to personalize and personalize the membership website to meet your requirements. Hence, you’d certainly desire to use your personal site name onto it instead of being obliged to utilize a name supplied by the program provider. This may happen, and a few web membership applications are provided already populated using the products you have to sell, and already branded having a name – not yours!

This really is acceptable when the web membership software programs are free of charge, although not if you’re having to pay for this. Some marketers make use of a membership site like a advertising tool on their own, and provide it liberated to others as lengthy because they support the originators branding then sell their goods. In some instances this is the formulation of it’s type permitted, while some let you also sell your personal – although not alter the site name.

Aspects of Good Web Membership Software

While there’s no problem with free membership sites, this type of subscription software won’t be of great help to you if you’re searching for any member site to create you earnings in the monthly subscription charges in addition to sales of the products or perhaps your affiliate products and programs. What you need to be searching for at the best is really as most of the following options as possible:

Personalizable together with your name as well as your brand or site name.

Fully customizable, so that you can alter the colors and also the layout from the site.

In a position to sell any services or products, as well as your own products and affiliate marketing programs.

How to recover photos from a stolen phone

Theft of cell phones is, unfortunately, very common in World – in the state of USA, for example, 13 cell phones are stolen per hour , according to data from the Public Security Secretariat released by Folha de São Paulo. If you have been a victim of this practice, we sympathize and are here to help you at least recover your lost photos. In this post from this web, we explain how to recover photos from a stolen phone.

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How to recover photos from stolen phone

Photos are the image records of the moments we live, so it is natural that we want to preserve them. But how to recover photos from a stolen phone? There are several means that make access to these photographs possible, most of them involving some cloud or backup systems, such as Google Photos.

Understand, below, how to recover photos from the stolen phone in different ways:

How to recover photos from Google’s stolen phone

If your stolen phone was an Android system, it is quite possible that the photos you took were automatically saved in Google Photos, a backup tool – that is, that keeps the photos safe in the cloud. Here’s how to access Google Photos:

  1. Go to the Google Photos website;
  2. Click on “Access Google Photos”;
  3. Enter your Gmail email address and password (this is one of the ways to recover photos from a phone stolen by Gmail );
  4. Ready! If your phone is set up for backup, you may find all the photos you took until your device was stolen there.

Tip: always check if your phone is backing up to Google Photos, this way you guarantee that they will be safe and that you will not lose them in case of loss, damage or theft. If possible, save the most important ones (like those from a trip, for example) in more than one place!

How to recover photos from phone stolen by Gmail

If you have a Gmail email, you may have uploaded some photos to Google Drive, the Google accounts storage system. To access Google Drive and see if there are any photos of your stolen phone there, check out the instructions below:

  1. Having already signed in to Gmail, visit the portal ;
  2. You will have access to the “My Drive” panel;
  3. There, look for pictures from your old cell phone. Backup to Google Drive is usually not automatic, but you can try it! You can find photos that you have saved.

How to recover photos from stolen iPhone

The iPhone has its own backup system, which is iCloud, specially developed for users of devices with the iOS system. It is iCloud that you must access to access your photos. Check out:

  • Access the iCloud website and login with your Apple ID;
  • Choose the item “Photos”;
  • Ready! You were able to recover the photos from your stolen phone.

Attention: the tips above apply to photos of lost cell phones and also how to recover photos from another broken cell phone.

Is it possible to recover photos by the chip?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve photos from your phone via the chip – at most, you can recover contacts. This is because this type of information (photos) is retained in the phone’s memory and / or in the backup cloud, never on the phone’s chip.

Evolution of the Photo Camera

Do you know how photo cameras were born? And how did they become digital?

Today everyone can have a digital camera, be it a simple model or built into the cell phone. We will learn a little about the history of the digital camera in this article.

The beginning Photographic Camera

The photograph itself is not an invention, but the union of several discoveries and inventions. The first of these was the darkroom, in which its discovery is attributed to the philosopher Aristotle (384-332 BC). It allowed to see solar eclipses without damaging the eyes, through a small hole in the chamber.

The hole allowed the passage of light and the formation of images inside it, and the sharpness of the image formed depended on the size of the hole: the smaller the hole, the sharper the image. The side effect was the darkening of the image formed, as a smaller hole allows less light to pass through.

New ideas were being added to the darkroom, such as the lens (to allow large holes to produce sharp photos) and the diaphragm (to vary the size of the hole used in conjunction with the lens). The improvement of the darkroom allowed any image to be perfectly reflected on paper, and this idea was widely used by artists, but to fix the images on paper, the help of chemistry was necessary.

Yes, we have pictures!

Mainly by accident, chemists were discovering how some silver compounds react to light, but Thomas Wedgwood was the first to use silver nitrate together with the darkroom to fix images on leather.

The first photo was actually taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, using a tin plate with white bitumen and leaving it for eight hours in a dark room facing the backyard of his house. The process was called ‘heliography’ because it used sunlight.

Another chemist, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, improved his heliography, replacing chemical compounds and discovering that the development time would be reduced to minutes using mercury vapor and sodium thiosulfate. English scientist William Henry Fox-Talbot used the Daguerre process to refine his own experiments with the darkroom – creating the terms ‘photography’, ‘negative’ and ‘positive’.

Psoriasis on the feet: Images, what to do and care

Be aware that psoriasis symptoms may vary depending on which part of the body it affects. On the other hand, always try to discuss your situation with your doctor, and he will be able to prescribe the best possible treatment for you as needed, and he will also be able to help you deal with the problem.

How to deal with psoriasis on the legs and feet?

Know that psoriasis in the legs ends up taking the form of both oval and irregular plaques. Often, several injuries end up growing together, thus forming a much larger injury. From this, the plaques on the shins and knees end up causing a lot of itching.

If the plates are located on the joint movement line, it is possible to detect cracks in these lesions, and it can often be useful to pay special attention to these lesions when you soften the skin with a type of emollient.

Symptoms of psoriasis on the feet

Psoriasis, which is considered hyperkeratosic, is very common in the feet and hands . These lesions may be well defined or even more diffuse, with this the sole, the palm as well as the sides of the toes and hands are frequently affected.

The feet may be sore and may still be very painful, the problem may be worse for those who have flat feet, who are tall, or are still overweight, or who have a job that requires them to stand for extended periods.

Some care for your feet

From this, good daily hygiene should be essential when psoriasis can effect your feet. Footwear needs to be this way, very light and comfortable, whenever possible try to choose shoes that can keep your feet cool and dry, allowing air to circulate freely.

It is worth trying to use foam insoles, as well as cork or properly filled with water, which can greatly relieve skin pressure. You can still use insoles that are made of polymers that act as shock absorbers and protect the skin that is in the process of healing even. In summer, a daily foot bath is essential. Source:

The Best Chicken Recipes

The  chicken recipes  are highly appreciated worldwide. White meats such as chicken are usually considered healthier than red meats.

The chicken-based dishes consist of one of the most consumed in Brazil.

This happens because of its ease of preparation, being also found at more affordable prices in any part of Brazil and mainly, because it allows a wide variety of recipes. The most common chicken dishes are:

Roast Chicken

Traditional among chicken recipes. It is a very popular dish in everyday meals and is perfect to be served with mashed potatoes (such as potatoes), with salads, French fries and Brazilian beans.

Chicken salad

This recipe is very light and considered elegant and sophisticated is perfect to be served as an accompaniment to events or special meals.

Chicken Pie

It serves as an excellent snack for the afternoons and evenings. Its advantage is its easy preparation.

Chicken pie

An excellent snack option. In addition to being a different choice, it also contains ingredients that are easy to find and has quick preparation.

Chicken strogonoff

It is one of the favorite dishes of Brazilians and takes sour cream, they become better when straw potatoes are added.

Chicken soup

It is a nutritious and healthy soup recipe, ideal for the coldest days of winter.

Chicken drumstick

Featured among the savory, the chicken drumstick is perfect to be served at birthday parties.

Chess Chicken

It is a wonderful dish of oriental origin, from China, it is the culinary indicated for some special lunch or dinner.

Chicken breast

Served together with rice, salads and purees it is a very healthy and tasty dish.

To prepare these delicious chicken recipes, it must be well cooked: after cleaning and slicing or shredding, it is recommended to season it according to the preferred ingredients (such as garlic, lemon, vinegar etc.) and place it in the hot water until the meat is cooked and very tender.


How to Clean a Gold Ring

In the search for the best way to keep that family jewel always shining, or even just to show a little more the wedding ring on the anniversary day of the date, there are people who wear everything.

Clean a Gold Ring with kitchen detergent, heavy cleaning products, alcohol or expensive jewelry cleaners.

A few years ago it was still common to see sellers door to door showing the efficiency of the latter, or else on those telemarketers who said they had the ideal solution for all problems.

Nothing could be further from reality. According to many experts in the conservation of pieces of daily or constant use, most of the time it is possible to bring back the shiny shine of the gold ring using only soap and water .

Of course, not everything is that simple, because it is not to throw all the rings in a basin and scrub like the washerwomen in the stream.

It is necessary to clean with some delicacy so as not to make risks. When cleaning is finished, it is best to dry the piece with a lint-free cloth or paper.

Another method that can work is a homemade solution, a mixture of one part of ammonia with six parts of water.

The jewels should be submerged in the solution for a short period, more or less a minute. Polishing the part after removing it from the mixture is of the utmost importance.

Give preference to suede – not for nothing, the material that lines the boxes where the rings are presented in jewelry stores.

It is good to remember that there is nothing better than prevention and that there are some products that dirty more than others, such as lotion, powder, washing soap, bleach, chlorine.

The natural oiliness of the skin can also help to take the shine off a gold piece.

Also, the rubbing of a jewel with others can make it need at least one brush with some soft hair, to defrost, for example, or make the shine reappear. The ideal is to keep the ring in lined boxes.


How to Make Money with Your Blog or Website

Well, this short post I will talk about how to monetize your blog or website in an easy way, I will explain how you will monetize so that you can earn well.

Follow all our tips and you will have a blog or website well monetized in some time.

Well to start you set up a blog or website to be successful on the internet, to be known in the world of the web, while other people think of setting up a website or blog just to make money!

Then you ask me, can’t I make money?
Good for you to set up a website or blog just to earn money or have a quick income you must be a company, ie an ex: a party company or a virtual store and you would advertise your services and earn more money with your company. Well when you start a blog or a website you need to like it, don’t post third-party content, post content of your own and take the thought of making money out of your head.

But I want to make money from my blog, how can I get this idea out of my head?

If you only think about making money from your blog you will leave your blog messy and with content that is of no interest to users and visitors.

With content without interest from visitors, your blog will have no visits and much less money, so make quality posts every day and during business hours, times when people use the computer.

Make posts that get people’s attention , post news, criticism, express your ideas with other people, talk about subjects that many know about, look for success in these subjects.

That’s it, this tutorial will have part 2 which will be a video where I will show you the tools so you can monetize your blog, I will also give you more tips on how to make your blog successful in the world of the web.

That’s it, I hope I helped you, I learned how to be successful and I want to teach everyone to be successful too, next post soon.