On WhatsApp Can Make Colorful Status, This Is the Way

Facebook is not the only area where you can make a colorful status. Although this is a messenger service, WhatsApp is now also equipped with a Status feature, which allows you to take photos that will disappear after 24 hours.

Until the end of August, not only took photos, you can also make color status on WhatsApp. How do you do it

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First, make sure the WhatsApp software you are using is the latest version. After that, open the WhatsApp software. Enter the “Status” tab by typing it. In this tab you will find your friend status has been created.

To create a color status, you can tap the pencil icon at the bottom right, above the green camera symbol. Then, you can type the status you want to make. Not like Facebook, which allows you to choose various images, on WhatsApp, you can only change the font and background color status.

For fonts, there are 5 different font types. Same sort of ordinary WhatsApp status, this status will appear on the status tab and will disappear after 24 hours. At the stage below the status that you made, you will watch the eye icon that gives you how many times your status is seen.

Steps to Improve Data Damage in Storage Devices

Flash drives and memory cards continue to be an absolute tool for storing files, both important files related to work and tasks, just file aliases for fun. The power of the device and the availability of general media to share files such as images and videos also contribute to the increased use of both devices.

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And experiencing incidents of files stored on this device can be a bad dream for those of you who depend on them. If you experience this problem, don’t panic, you can do the following factors to recover damaged data on a flash disk alias a memory card.

1. Check the Basic Items
Before taking any technical steps, you can take steps to share basic problems. For example, try connecting a flash drive alias a memory card to an unequal port on the same computer, aka connecting and entering storage devices on a different computer. You can also first make sure that the device is connected properly, to make sure the problem is not found on the basics.

2. Change Drive Letters
If you connect a flash drive to a computer and can find the drive in File Explorer, but cannot access the data, it is not uncommon to conclude that the data is damaged. Not necessarily, Windows devices may not be able to show drive letters to your device.

You can fix it by changing the drive letter, by accessing the Start Menu and typing Disk Management. On the page where the search will occur, select Create and format the hard disk partition. Add your device to the drive list and right-click.

Select Change Drive and Path Letters, then click Change and select a new email from the drop-down menu. Every time you connect a device, Windows will set this letter to handle the storage device.

3. Reinstall the Driver
Not being able to access data after making the previous steps does not mean the problem is on your storage device. Damage to the driver on a Windows computer You can cause problems.

To keep the driver still aiming and undamaged, you can remove and reinstall it on a Windows device. During this process, continue connecting your storage device, and open the Device Manager menu that is located by right-clicking on the Start Menu.

Oak Nightstand 2 Drawer for Bedroom with Different Looks for Different Vibes In

Nightstands’ storage is designed variously from one to another. You might one with 2 drawers, but even this kind comes with different looks to offer. You’ve got to know too that different looks can contribute different vibes in the bedroom. Let’s just take some examples of oak nightstand 2 drawer for bedroom in this opportunity. You might want to know this to choose perfect one for bedroom.

Nightstand with Curves and Handles

Oak Nightstand 2 Drawer for Bedroom with Different Looks for Different Vibes In
Oak Nightstand 2 Drawer for Bedroom with Different Looks for Different Vibes In

If you browse through various nightstands, you should be able to find one that is not that boxy to look at. Instead of clean and straight lines, you get some curves, especially on its legs. Also, if you find one with brass handles, such bedroom 2 drawer oak nightstand would give you the look like that of antique chest. With dark brown look, the nightstand would play the part way more perfectly. View https://heroichouse.com

Nightstand with Raw Appearances

Oak nightstand 2 drawer for bedroom can appear to be boxy and low with small legs and simple lines. You might have come across ones with smooth appearances to offer. However, there are many others that has its front unfinished or even entirely, making it kind of raw looking. While the first has antique vibe to contribute, this 2 drawer oak nightstand for bedroom is that of one with rustic vibe.

Nightstand with High Round Design

Nightstands are not always all square and boxy, you see. One with 2 drawers is not all low too. Need to be known, there is the kind that is designed to have round body design. In itself, it is unique one to look at. Also, it usually has high legs too, making it perfect to match high bed. We would say such oak nightstand 2 drawer for bedroom offers modern vibe with finished, painted, and all clean look.

Oak nightstand 2 drawer for bedroom would be good for antique vibe with chest design, rustic with raw appearance, and modern with round shape.

It’s hard to get a good man? This is the reason

What is in your mind when you describe a good man? Most women who seek true love know exactly what they want, even to their specific list.
Unfortunately, knowing what you want and getting a good man are two different factors. If until now you haven’t got a good man, don’t worry, you are not alone, sort of quoted from yourtango.com, Monday (11/06/2018).

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One of the most stubborn obstacles for women to get a good man is a high standard that is changing and unrealistic mainstay. Of course, men are good with all the values ??they have to pursue.
However, this value should not only be sought by a man, but also inside you. To find good and good men, watch how you think and hope for yourself.

With all the lists you have, it is more likely to prevent people from coming. It’s not like if you have an open mind, love will enter life, because you dare to get all the differences. What do you think?

Motor Listrik is Getting Popular

Using motor listrik is a very effective way to move from point A to B. Its operating costs are cheaper than a car or motorcycle with a common type of fuel. Electric motors are environmentally friendly vehicles that are easy to drive.

Basically, an electric motor has a body similar to an ordinary motorbike, it’s just that the engine is smaller and driven by a battery. From time to time, electric motor technology has experienced a significant increase. Using an electric motor has its own advantages, let’s say that the sound is much smaller than an ordinary motorbike, and an electric motor does not require fuel other than being plugged into a power source. Two-wheeled vehicles that take their power from a battery do not pollute the air and the environment, and generally only require easier maintenance.

motor listrik

Of course, the real reason why many people use an electric motorbike is the relatively affordable price. In addition, you may not have to have a driver’s license to use it. This advantage is what attracts people to try it even though the speed is not that fast and cannot travel too far. This type of vehicle is very popular in Asia, where people are accustomed to riding two wheels rather than other parts of the world. Electric motors are often considered safer than conventional motors, because they cannot go fast and do not have many engine components. Your feet can be safely tucked behind the steering.

Besides not being noisy, electric motors do not release carbon monoxide which can endanger nature. With an electric motorbike, now you don’t need to spend money to refuel. The more you use it, the more money you can save. To find out more about electric motors, you can visit Melotronic.com. The online site provides Ojo Electric motors that you can try.

Ojo Electric is an electric motor made by Ojo and Ford. This vehicle has specs on other electric motors. With more complete features, it’s no wonder this electric motor is very suitable for use in cities. Its slim and sturdy body is suitable for use in places with limited access and space.

The Simple Way to Style Long Hair Lots of Layers

The long hair lots of layers become the hair trending topic on lately years. For your inspiration, you know some famous actress that has this hairstyle, like Priyanka Chopra. The details for layers are also important to be your consideration before cutting the layers for long hair. Choose the right style and how’s the looking that you want to show. The messy and undone layers appropriate for you who want to look simple performance.

Long Hair Lots of Layers
The creations for long hair lots of layers

Have you ever imagine how long time to make lots of layers on long hair? It’s no problem how the types of your long hair are; the layers are always the best solution.

1. The princess layered
If you have super straight long hair, it’s recommended to apply the princess layered that blow up to outside. Make three-layered in the back of the hair, add the bright color to make the looks brighten up.

2. The short, medium and long layers
Combine the short, medium and long layers at the same time. It will show the voluminous impression from the hair. The long hair lots of layers are never ended to style.

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3. Layers on top with bangs
The long layers with bangs are the perfect combination. Add some side swept bangs and create the wavy looking in a half of hair. Create the shade by added the purple and violet color.

4. Multi-Mix Layered
The long hair with short layers is fine, but it’s better to mix with mid-length layers. Make some curls on it and paired with the dark red color. Some women believe that have long hair lots of layers are great and applicable to the face. Go to your hairstylist and change your hairstyle.

The Basics of How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox

The Basics of How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox

The Rise of How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox

You’ve got to click on above link and total offer if it is going to show and get your completely free robux. Normally, a gaming site makes it possible for the users to play various games. Not the normal garbage that you find on other websites. Make certain you subscribe to us to find more info about the newest updates and new exploits which we are always searching for! A number of individuals always ask this question and we want to answer it.

how do u get free robux on roblox

Ok, I Think I Understand How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox, Now Tell Me About How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox!

Pick the quantity of robux you will need. Robux is the sort of digital currency employed in Roblox. Your totally free robux are prepared for you. Please fill the necessary details and adhere to the on-screen instructions that may direct you in figuring out how to find absolutely free Robux from our generator onto your account. An individual can also buy Robux by utilizing real money purchases. Its easier to make Tix than it is to earn Robux and there are a few basic techniques you can use to receive them. There isn’t any immediate method to acquire unlimited Robux and Tix into our account as we need to guarantee that it’s secure or not.

Details of How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox

All you have to do is to logon to our online generator, at its dedicated page and stick to the on-screen instructions to receive your Robux free in any respect! And the ideal thing is This totally Free Robux generator is completely free and risk-free. In fact, there are several generator outside. Umpteen hacks are offered on the web, here, within this short article we’re outlining few of those. If you’ve been searching for a dependable and secure hack for Roblox, you’re in the correct location, look no more!

The Nuiances of How Do U Get Free Robux on Roblox

The in-app purchases will help to generate a few of the challenges that may appear impossible to be a bit easier. Once it’s confirmed that you have finished the offer, you are going to receive points in your FreeMembershipFor account. Over the past couple of updates we’ve added the options of internal proxies as well as a digital private network for additional privacy.

4 Examples of Import to Indonesia from Other Countries

The growth of economical part makes Indonesia to be a category of developing country. Though it has rich nature resource, the ability of this country to manage and process it is still minim. It is explored by the other countries to take over resources and make Indonesia finally to import. There are some examples of import to Indonesia. Import is a good delivery from overseas to be a trading activity. It is used to fulfill the needs of traders.

Food Commodity

Food commodity includes rice, soy bean, salt, sugar, flour, butter, vegetable oil, garlic, and chilli. This claim is kicking the fact that Indonesia is agricultural country with rich farming products. In 2013, Indonesia import soy bean for 1,19 million of tons from United States, Malaysia, Paraguay, and Argentina. On Januari to June 2017, there are clear data statistics of import to Indonesia. Rice is about 130,9 thousands of tons from rice – producer countries. Sugar is about 53,9 thousand of tons. The drastic reduce was on June in which Indonesia only imported 3,7 thousand of tons. Flour is about 23,2 thousands of tons and many other food commodities.

Beef and Dairy Products

One of the reasons why government importing meat is due to the price of expensive local beef. This is caused by long marketing process causing the extra cost for production and transportation before being purchased by consumers. The step of buying beef to Australia is the right solution to reduce the price of beef. In period of June 2017, Indonesia imported beef about 11,6 thousands of tons. The next plan is importing beef about 318 thousands. The cows are from Mexico and Australia. One of the imported products in Indonesia is about milk. Indonesia has planned to add import sources.


The price of fuel is fluctuative and not stable. It makes Indonesia still import products of fuel due to the increase of local needs. The imbalance of fuel production and needs make this country import fuel about 339 billion rupiahs per year and becomes the top level commodity imported by this country. The needs of fuel is from Saudi Arabia, Africa, Thailand, and Malaysia. Though Indonesia is a fuel country producer, it doesn’t mean that it is able to fulfill local needs. It is proven that it requires the import of fuel from the others.

Choosing Koi fish food

At the end of the day, every person desires to be an animal fish individual. Having a pet dog Koi fish comes with a great deal of benefits. Assume of all the hassle you do not have to deal with if you have simply a pet dog fish.

You do not should stroll it, to clean it and also you do not have any kind of difficulty leaving it in its fish pond also for a number of days. When it comes to Koi fish is feeding them, the most vital point. You should recognize the food that the fish requires and also certainly it’s feeding behaviors.

Koi Fish Consuming Behaviors

Professionals claim that individuals ought to feed their fish roughly 3 times each day and even much less. Depending additionally on the water temperature level, you could essentially feed your fish once daily when the water is amazing. As a matter of fact, when the water is cozy, it is recommended that you feed your fish a couple of times each day.

Knowingly or in some cases subconsciously, some individuals have a tendency to over feed their fish. Once they are overfed, your fish’s life might be jeopardized.

To start with, you have to recognize that it is a type of fish that requires a great deal of food. Koi fish often tend to consume whatever they discover as well as for this reason it is rather feasible that they could be overfed.

Ideal Koi Fish Food Suggestions

The food you will certainly select for your fish requires to be based on its one-of-a-kind needs. It must mainly be emphasized that Koi are omnivorous.

Pellet fish food

Pellet fish food could be taken in by Koi fish. Make certain it consists of all the required aspects that were discussed over.

Shade boosting foods

You could utilize shade boosting foods for your fish. Due to the fact that they have a favorable impact on Koi fish shade, these foods have actually expanded to be extremely preferred as well as are suggested. Allow us not neglect that such preservative should be incorporated with dietary advantages.

Supplementary Foods

You simply have to remember a couple of feeding needs for Koi fish as well as your animal could certainly bloom. Koi are absolutely a pleasure for their proprietor because of their brilliant shades. At the end of it all, you will certainly require to at the very least spend a little cash on obtaining top quality food for the wellness of your Koi fish.