Tutorial: How To Stream On Youtube With OBS Studio!

Hey guys tropics here and welcome back in today’s video i’ll be showing you guys how to livestream with OBS studio and youtube now I previously did this tutorial on how to stream with twitch and OBS so now when we show in youtube some love and I’m going to teach you guys how to stream with youtube so I recently did a live stream on youtube or youtube gaming whatever and I worked out pretty well I just wanted to check all tv online

The settings and what youtube streaming was all about my first ever youtube livestream honestly it wasn’t too bad but it’s really complicated so that’s why I wanted to make this tutorial today to really get this out there because I guarantee you a lot of people are going to be really confused as if what to do because live-streaming on youtube is not very easy so uh if you guys do want to watch my stream just I don’t know turn on notifications or something I probably will be streaming quite a bit now on youtube now that I know how to and I usually assume on Twitch as well so

If you want to go follow my twitch links are in the description below to my Twitter to which my discord server I highly recommend you join that if you need any extra help with this video the discord server is a great place to go so all that will be in the description so yeah just look at those so the first link we’re going to click is the OBS studio link now you know search of OBS dod’s you know you don’t have to click the link but it’s easier if you’re lazy so

I INDUSTRIAL MUSIC, the invasion of music from Japan is arguably quite strong in Asia

Indeed, when listening to historical facts and data scattered in some literature, modern music that entered Japan was brought by Americans. Those Americans – initially introduced jazz. Reportedly, jazz is the root of J-Pop that we know today.

The roots of J-Pop originated from Jazz music which was popular at the beginning of the Showa era. The beginning of the Showa Era began in 1926 by Emperor Hirohito until the time of World War II 1945. Jazz introduced various types of musical instruments which were previously only used for classical music and in the military, in various bars and clubs such as “Ongaku Kissa” which is one the famous Jazz performance venue.

But during World War II, jazz music was stopped due to pressure from the Japanese royal army. After the war ended, the United States Army introduced to Japan the types of typical American music such as boogie-woogie, mambo, blues and country. The types of music are performed by Japanese musicians to American troops who occupy the US headquarters in Japan. Songs like “Tokyo Boogie-Woogie” sung by Sizuko Kasaoki (1948), “Tennesse Waltz” by Eri Chiemi (1951), “Omatsuri Mambo” by Misora ​​Hibari and “Omoide no Waltz” by Izumi Yukimura became popular in Japan.

Even outside musicians such as Jazz At The Philharmonic and Louis Armstrong once visited Japan to perform. 1952 was the year when Jazz music was booming. However, Jazz is not a type of music that is easy to learn so most Japanese amateur musicians learn country music which is considered the easiest to learn.

Rock and Roll fever began to hit Japan in 1956 by a country music group, Kosaka Kazuya and Wagon Masters who released the album “Heartbreak Hotel”, which was originally delivered by the king Elvis Presley. This rock and roll outbreak reached its peak in 1959 with the emergence of a film that focused on performing Japanese rock and roll groups. The fall of rock and roll in the United States was followed by Japan along with the many groups in Japan who were nothing but imitating American Rock and Roll.

Making a Great Appearance with Room Decor

Home is a precious thing that must be always kept. It is a place where you spend most of your time. Your home should have a great appearance in order to make you enjoyable staying longer in your home. Making a great appearance of your home can be a challenge for you. Sometimes it can be easy, but sometimes it can be complicated. Q-House

There are a lot of ways of making a great appearance in your home. One of them is applying room decor. What does room decor mean? I think it becomes a big question. Room decor means that everything that can be applied in any rooms of the home. Applying room decor can make the home look more beautiful and amazing.

In this case, applying room decor can be something that should be done perfectly. For the reference, you can see the examples of room decor on the internet or book. Also, if you are still confused about this, you can ask the interior designer to help you apply room decor.

In applying room decor, there are many aspects that should be paid attention. You have to adjust many things that suitable with room. The color and the item choices that you choose for room decor will influence the appearance of the room. The amount of items for room decor will influence too. Too many items can make the room look crowded and not interesting.

For instance, I give you example of room decor for living room. Living room is a place where you are gathering and have nice jokes with your family and friends. So that, the living room should be inviting and have a great appearance. There are many things that you can apply for room decor for living room. Wallpaper, framed photos, beautiful painting, and any other ornaments can be applied for room decor. The composition of applying room decor also should be paid attention. So that, it can result a great appearance.

Not only living room, you can also try to apply room decor in the other rooms. Have a nice try and good luck!

IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Tips to Improve Writing Skill for IELTS

IELTS Writing Task 2 – There are many people struggling with the IELTS exams, it’s popular for being hard, though and will test your language ability. For many people, writing is the most stressful part, but you should not worry, because there are several ways for anyone who find it tough. You can take a look these tips to help you understand IELTS writing. Of course, you have to prepare yourself before you d-day.

Ensure that you understand the prompt

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Whether you were writing for the general or academic test, or you were on IELTS writing task 1 or IELTS writing task 2, ensure that you should understand what exactly the prompt was asking you to do. If you were asking to write a letter, ensure that you are able to identify the register in formal or informal and understand what kind of closings or salutations were acceptable. However, if you were asked to write an opinion essay, ensure that you are able to identify each side of those issues. If you have to describe the process or graphic, firstly you should identify the useful features and main trend to be compared. Once you can catch what kind of task to do, then you can start to make an outline of your paper.

Making an outline

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Before you start writing, you have to make an outline first. Sometimes, students assumed that because it is the timed test, then they cannot spend the precious minutes to make an outline. This is actually wrong since an outline will save your time to make you stay focus when you are writing it so that you will never out of topic as well. An outline also helps you to arrange your ideas and place them in the best order before you start writing. Making a good outline means that you can focus on language that you will use including of vocabularies and grammatical rather than ideas that you will present.

To make a good outline, then you can start writing about the thesis statement or important points which been included in your introduction part. Your thesis statement is the powerful force behind your overall essay and each paragraph will connect each other and support it.
For the body paragraph, your outline needs to reflect the main topic and the evidence that you used and how it can support your thesis statement. You do not have to write anything in your outline for your conclusion since the conclusion was the restatement or the conclusion of your argument and you will not represent new ideas.

Secret on Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair

The Insider Secret on Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair Discovered

The Awful Side of Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair

If your hair is fine then PoPular Haircuts are here in order to show you which you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. It is not easy to imagine that her hair can turn out to be even shorter. Long hair may look limp if it isn’t layered correctly, that’s why shag hairstyles for fine hair are the best choice.

Using Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair

Whenever you have such sweet 60s inspired hairstyles to select from, altering your look becomes a breeze. Nevertheless, you can receive a perfectly emo hairstyle even in the event you have short hair. In itself, it’s one of the trendiest extreme short hairstyles it is possible to discover on the fashion.

Top Choices of Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair

The layered hairstyle is excellent for folks who are looking for a cool and contemporary hairstyle that’s very simple to style. An ombre layered hairstyle is also an extraordinary method to go. Finding a classy short hairstyle is inadequate. The magnificent short hairstyle makes an edgy appearance and feel and it is ideal for those who have long face structures and is very good for many events. For the organic tight coils, it’s harder to locate suitable shorter hairstyles.

Basically, every type of hairstyle can be employed by older women so long as they can style the hair well. When it’s among the brief layered hairstyles too, then you’re in luck. You will have a great looking short hairstyle that will get you from the house in no moment.

As a woman, you’ll shortly love. Women from all over the world have been fearlessly rocking buzz cuts in the previous few decades. Actually, countless women must be up first thing in the morning to prepare for work or school. Additionally, an increasing number of women are currently choosing brief haircuts instead of long, heavy-maintenance hairstyles. Women with round faces, for instance, have a tough time finding just the perfect one to frame their face.

Top Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair Secrets

Let’s check what’s proper for you as well as your hair. You are able to also rough up the hair to raise the degree of messiness if you desire. Nonetheless, in the event the hair is straightened, there are lots of short layered hairstyles to pick from. Layering fine hair is a good way to add style and volume.

Are condominium costs worth it? You have to read these tips!

Considering Buying A Condo.

If you are considering buying a condo for the first the first time, it can seem difficult to come up with a reason why you should want to live somewhere where you have to pay condo fees. Some first-time buyers think that condo fees are a “cash grab” and that they would be wasting money by paying them. The truth is, however, Montreal condos fees are necessary for anyone who lives the condo life.

Consider it this way: When you own a single-family home and you need a new roof? Where does the money come from? You may get a loan from the bank, but ultimately that money will come out of your pocket. When you live in a condo, however, your roof repair is funded out of the condo corporation’s fund, to which you contribute when you pay condo fees. Homes cost money to maintain and repair, and when you live in a condo you can rest assured that the money you pay every month will come back to you should you need it for a household repair.

Homeowner’s Insurance.

Another example of what makes condo fees worth it is the fact that by living in the condo complex you are covered under the corporation’s umbrella home insurance policy. You don’t have to purchase additional homeowner’s insurance. When you purchase a home on your own, conversely, you may have to prove to your lender that you have secured up to a year’s worth of homeowner’s insurance before they will lend you the money to buy your home. They have to protect their investment.

Plan And Fees.

There are other things for which you would be responsible if you were to buy your own home, but which would be covered by your condo fees. These include: landscaping services, snow removal, garbage collection, and tree trimming.

The amount you pay in condo fees will typically be in direct proportion to the kinds of services they cover. Larger, more luxury condo complexes with charge higher condo fees, but they also offer many more higher-end services than those that charge lower fees. Health clubs, valet parking services, recreational spaces, housekeeping and other luxury extras will add up quickly, making condo fees higher. For standard amenities and services, however, most condo fees are actually quite reasonable when you consider what they include (and what doesn’t have to come out of your pocket).

Take a peek at the meaning behind Jennie Blackpink’s ‘Solo’ song

All K-Pop lovers, especially Blackpink, must have known that yesterday, November 12, 2018, Jennie Kim released a solo debut titled (none other than ‘no’) ‘Solo.’ Many people speculate that Jennie’s solo debut signifies the rest of the girl group Blackpink, or even gossip that they are in the process of disbanding.

If you listen at a glance, the song with the Pop genre released by Jennie seems to signal that he is in the process of removing the bond from someone. Intrigued by its meaning, Popbela tried to translate the meaning behind Jennie’s sung ‘Solo’.

Innocent and delicate

Plain and soft

I’m tired of pretending

I’m tired of pretending

I’m done

Already completed

What are you up to? Where are you? Did you eat? Goodnight

What are you doing? Where are you? Have eaten? Good night

Baby, Darling, Honey, I miss you

Honey, I miss you

It’s all useless

But it’s all in vain

You got me like …

You make me be …

This is not a touching Love story

This is not a touching love story

No romance no sincerity

There is no romance, no sincerity

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry

I’m sorry, but I don’t regret it

From today on …

Starting today…

I’m a shining solo

I shine myself

I’m a shining solo

I shine myself

I’m going solo, you’re lo

I go alone

I’m going solo, lo lo lo …

I go alone

You can download lagu this song from website legal, like apple music ,spotify , dll.

How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

Recently in the free-software series I showed you OBS studio which is a free and open source screen recorder for Windows Mac and Linux in the comments of that video many of you asked for me to do a tutorial in this beginners guide I will show you how to setup and use OBS studio coming up next on tech gumbo to get OBS studio onto your computer go to the website which is OBS project comm there’ll be a link in the description of this video you’ll see on this page that you have options for Windows 7 plus Mac OS 10 point 10 plus and Linux tvmelayu.com

The Windows and Mac downloads are standard installer packages if you select the Linux link it will open up a new page with the install directions once you have OBS installed open up the program since this is a beginner’s guide i’ll go at a slower pace and keep this simple to get you started with using OBS studio this is now my preferred screen capture program so i’ll also go over the settings that I use to record my screen now that you have OBS opened if this is your first time using this software the screen capture area within this window should be black first you will need to set up a source so go down to

The sources box select the plus sign you will have several choices i’ll go over the two that are used most often if you plan to record your screen with the file save your computer so you can edit them later on select display capture I already have a display capture setup so this one is automatically named display capture 2 you can rename it if you want make sure that makes source visible is checked then select ok click on the display button to select the monitor you would like to record if you have a single monitor you should only have one option here if you’ve run a multiple monitor setup select your monitor if you want your mouse cursor to be captured when OBS records make sure that capture cursor is checked when done select okay let’s go back to

Indonesian Baby Names For Girls

Indonesian Baby Names For Girls

Baby Names For Girls You might have got word of the phrase SIDS before. Some parents could be told that this source of their infant’s death is SIDS. If you know nothing more relating to this condition compared to the undeniable fact that it can be strongly related to infant sleep, then you certainly needs to enhance your understanding about this. After all, SIDS is the leading reason for death in infants from four weeks to one year. Knowing about SIDS might help ensure that you may help prevent your baby from having it.
Indonesian Baby Names For Girls
Start by painting the clothespins to be used for that baby shower celebration. More often than not, a great deal of baby showers merely employ a fairly easy clothespin for the games. However, with this project, you are going to create a thing that is different and more personalized. To start with assembling your project, paint the clothespins depending on the baby’s gender. If the gender continues to be unknown, please note to decide on a neutral paint color like yellow. When painting the pins, ensure that you focus on the interior and exterior aspects of the pins.Create triangles with a white cloth. Find a white cotton fabric where you can draw a triangle on it. The ideal size of the triangle is three inches long on all sides. Cut a similar variety of cloth triangles as those of the amount of the clothespins for your baby on creating little diapers from the triangle-shaped fabrics. Lay the triangle over a flat surface with one edge pointing for your requirements. Fold the extra edge of this bottom point and provide it upwards. Glue it on the center of the triangle.

My exposure to online baby books is dependant on . It is a free online baby book to store toddler precious memories and share them relatives and buddies. For those parents who also want a keepsake, BabyChapters offers an choice to order their online baby book as a high-quality, professionally-printed hard-cover book.

The Queen has also spread her responsibilities over a couple of decades. To tell the truth, a lot of the little darlings aren’t really that “little” whatsoever. The oldest godson has become well into his sixties, whilst the youngest goddaughter has already been in their twenties. So, having a little judicious planning, The Queen has been able to dilute her godparent’s duties with time.